English Language Proficiency Requirements

Minimum Test Scores for Admission

Students must attain the required language proficiency to study in Saint Michael's programs, as represented by the test scores below.

 Test   Direct Admission    AEP 
 iBTOEFL  79  52
 pBTOEFL  550  470
 IELTS  6.5  5.0  N/A

Test    Direct Admission        Pathways Program  
 iBTOEFL  79  71
 pBTOEFL 550  530
 IELTS  6.5  6.0

Conditional Admittance: Students with lower scores than required for degree programs will be considered for conditional admittance into the undergraduate and some (post) graduate programs.

Information on Standardized Tests and Language Assessments

SAT, GRE, GMAT are not required for admission to Saint Michael's College.

Undergraduate students may be assessed in academic writing upon arrival to determine whether support in academic writing support is merited

Students in the Academic and Intensive English Programs will be assessed in academic writing upon arrival.

TOEFL Code for Saint Michael’s College: 3757.

Graduate Diploma and Certificate Programs: Requirements are the same as for Master’s Programs.
The Common European Framework (CEFR): Saint Michael’s accepts the CEFR level of C1 for direct admission to the undergraduate and (post)graduate programs.

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