Scholarships for International Students

All international undergraduate students are eligible to receive merit-based scholarships. International scholarship awards are valued between $1,000 and 50% of tuition. They are determined by assessing a students' potential for success at Saint Michael's College. To apply for a merit based scholarship, simply indicate this on the application.

The items below help determine your scholarship's amount.

1) High School Transcripts
We will want to see that you are capable of academic work. We are also interested in how well you did in secondary school compared with your peers. If you have received a poor grade in the past, this is not necessarily a bad thing, though we will look for signs of hard work and improvement.

2) Achievements
Do you have any particular athletic or musical achievements? What about other activities such as clubs? Did you play a leadership role inside or outside of school? There is place in the application to indicate these things. You may also talk about them in your writing sample.

3) A Social Conscience
At Saint Michael's we encourage (but do not require) students to engage in community service at the local, national, or international levels. We will be very interested to hear about any background in volunteering you may have.

4) Writing Sample
We'd like to know if you're a good writer. We also encourage you to use the writing sample for sharing some important information about yourself, your interests, and your experiences.

5) Test Scores
SAT scores are not required from international students for admission to Saint Michael's College. But, if you choose to provide them, we will take them into account.


Don't be late. We recommend that all students who wish to be considered for a scholarship to apply no later than:

  • May 1 (for the Fall Semester), and
  • November 1 (for the Spring Semester). 

Conditional Admission/Pathway Students

Pathway students are eligible to receive scholarships for undergraduate study upon completion of their pre-academic program.

Post-Graduate Programs

There are very few scholarships available for post-graduate study. To be considered for a scholarship, you must first be accepted into the program. 

English Language Programs

Scholarships are not available for English-language programs.

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