Pathway Program

For students to improve their English and transition into a Bachelors degree program

Students with lower English skills who wish to enter a US university may apply for conditional admittance and enter the Pathway Program. Many will complete their degree in the same amount of time it takes for native English speakers to complete their degree.

Depending on the language level, students will start out in the Intensive or Academic English Program and transfer into their degree program within one or more semesters.

Undergraduate Pathway students complete their English preparation while taking academic content courses and earning university credit. Many Pathway students will enter the undergraduate program as second-year students. It is possible for a Pathway Student to complete their undergraduate degree in four years.

Undergraduate Pathway Program

English Exam 
Score is...
Student will study in
an English Program for...
Time Required to Complete Degree Program Total Time Until Graduation
Below 55
(<5.4 IELTS)
3 semesters (1 Year) or more, depending on ability 3 years 4-5 Years
56 - 67ibT
(5.5 IELTS)
2 Semesters (8 months) in the Academic English Program 3 years 4-5 Years
68 - 78ibT
(6.0 IELTS)
1 Semester (4 months) in the Academic English Program 3 years 4-5 Years
79ibT or more
The student will be admitted directly into the degree program. 4 years 4-5 Years

The time periods listed are approximate as students improve at different speeds. IELTS is welcome in place of TOEFL.

To Apply for Undergraduate Pathway Program

Required Not Required
  • Transcripts from secondary school
  • TOEFL/IELTS score. Students who do not submit a test score will be enrolled in the Intensive English Program.
  • Must have completed secondary school
  • Copy of Passport
  • Financial Certification
  • Essay/writing sample
  • Recommendation

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