All in for St. Mike’s

All In for St. Mike's

In July 2018, I began my tenure as president of Saint Michael’s College. I knew that Saint Michael’s, like so many other small, private schools, faced challenges. I was fully prepared to make some necessary, and frankly uncomfortable, changes to put the school on a more solid financial footing. The Board of Trustees and I worked quickly.

President Lorraine Sterritt

We approved and kicked off targeted campaigns, including the Health Science Initiative. With the introduction of new majors in Health Science and Public Health, students can now graduate with a marketable degree and jump right into a variety of important and lifesaving jobs. We created a new, highly sought major in Criminology to similarly prepare students for an ever-growing field. With a generous matching gift from the Edmundites,
we raised $1 million for the general fund, and in doing so, were able to name Cronogue Hall in memory of our beloved Fr. Michael Cronogue.

Yet with all of the positive momentum, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020 shook higher education to its core. There is no way to sugarcoat the obstacles that we face. Though we are tackling them with hard work, creative thinking, and a renewed commitment to our mission, the year ahead will demand significant changes at Saint Michael’s and at many other institutions.

I must tell you in all honesty that the challenges are immense, and the College needs you now more than ever in order to ensure its future. This is the time for us all to step up and stand together as one to support Saint Michael’s. If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a gift to support the College as we navigate this new normal.

I’ve spoken with many alumni and friends over the past few months, and even though many are facing tough times themselves, I’ve repeatedly heard the phrase, “I’m all in for St. Mike’s.” When times are tough, our instinct is to hold tight to our families, our friends, and the places we know and love best. Just the thought of St. Mike’s and the educational and faith foundation that it has given generations is prompting so many to support the College during these difficult times. For that, I am extremely grateful. I hope you will join us.

Sincerely Yours,

D. E. Lorraine Sterritt
Saint Michael’s College

To do well and to do good, we must do more.

To do well and to do good, we must do more.

All in For
St. Mike's

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Saint Michael’s College is esteemed among its peers and beloved by both alumni and students. Just the thought of four years on the hilltop in Colchester, surrounded by the natural beauty of Vermont, living and learning in community with friends, brings joy to the hearts of all who experience it.

But as we look back with fond memories, we must also look ahead with fortitude. In a world that is changing in unforeseen ways, institutions of higher education like ours are both leading the charge and racing to catch up. The pool of potential college-age applicants has been shrinking dramatically, especially in New England. The financial impacts and uncertainties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented. We are at a crossroads.

Saint Michael’s has gone to great lengths to change with the times, while maintaining the identity that makes it unique. Popular new majors have been added, including Health Science, Public Health, and Criminology. We’ve invested in new living and learning spaces on campus that utilize green technologies such as geothermal and solar energy. We’ve joined a consortium with other Vermont colleges to share resources and increase cost savings.

We have maintained the excellent faculty and student-to-faculty ratio that increase the value of our educational programs. We’ve enriched the student experience with greater investments in athletics and marketing, and invested creative resources in co-curricular programs such as the Adventure Sports Center and the Center for the Environment. And we continue to take pride in our long-term volunteer organizations, including MOVE and Fire & Rescue, that set us apart from other institutions.

It is for all of these reasons – the students, faculty, staff, facilities, co-curricular activities, and intangibles that make a Saint Michael’s education like no other – that we embark upon a significant fundraising campaign. We have been and will continue to be careful stewards of our endowment and focused advocates for our future. We have advanced with the times and overcome the obstacles. Now, we must turn to you – our trusted friends, alumni, and supporters – to ensure our strength and longevity for future generations of Saint Michael’s students and to meet the challenges ahead.

For 115 years, Saint Michael’s College has advanced the social justice legacy of its Edmundite founders and exemplified a combination of education and service that gets to the heart of the human condition.

Students work in a classroom at Saint Michael's College

We Need Your Support

My wife Jackie, our daughter Tara, and I graduated from Saint Michael’s in ’81, ’15, and ’79, respectively. For more than 40 years, our family has been positively influenced by the classes we took, the sports we played, the mentors we admired, and the friends we made at Saint Michael’s. Spending four years on its residential campus creates a close-knit community that is unique among colleges. And that community extends long after graduation, in not only the lifelong friendships that are formed but the willingness of alumni to extend a hand to students coming up behind them.

There has been much discussion lately about the difficulties facing higher education, even before the pandemic. It’s true – some schools will suffer greatly, perhaps even close their doors. Others will find ways to survive. St. Mike’s is my college – and yours. I trust you will join me in supporting the College so it not only continues but also thrives. We owe this to our Edmundite founders, and we owe it to the young people who will seek a St. Mike’s education in the years and generations ahead.

That’s why this campaign is so vitally important, particularly at this time. And that’s why I’m asking for your support.

Please join us today, and help us ensure Saint Michael’s success.

George Keady ’79
Campaign Chair
Saint Michael’s College

Our students are the heart of everything we do. They bring creativity and curiosity, excitement and enthusiasm to every corner of campus. At the end of their time here, when they embark on life’s adventures, they are fully prepared to do well and do good. And that is what matters the most.

Thank you! Where would we be without your gift?

Thank you! Where would we be without your gift?