Caitlyn Jackson


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Westchester, NY United States

Major: Neuroscience
Second Major: Data Science
Minor: Chemistry
Languages Spoken: English

Campus Activities and Organizations in Which You Are Or Have Been Involved: Diversity Coalition, Founders Society, Honors Program, MOVE, Wilderness Program

One Interesting Thing About Me: I have two campus cats called Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklin. They were named for famous women in STEM that represent both of my fields of study!

My Best Memory From My First Year At SMC: My favorite memory from my first year was watching movies in the Cheray Science Hall with my friends. We would go in there late at night and set our computers up to the monitor so we could play movies off of Netflix. We would bring food and speakers to play music too and lose track of time. It was one of my favorite things to do on a winter night.

One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Moved In My First Year: Sign up for tutoring right away. Don’t be embarrassed about going- A LOT of students go to tutoring! I made a lot of friends during those sessions that I am still friends with now. It is really important to set good study habits right away because your four years of study here are cumulative!