Fiona Lenahan


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Fair Haven, New Jersey United States

Major: Spanish
Second Major: Education
Minor: Theatre
Languages Spoken: English

Campus Activities and Organizations in Which You Are Or Have Been Involved: Acabellas, Campus Ministry, LEAP

One Interesting Thing About Me: I have three older brothers, one of which graduated from Saint Mike's in 2015

My Best Memory From My First Year At SMC: In the spring semester of my first year, I went on the LEAP retreat which was such an amazing, reflective, fun experience! The religious aspect of the retreat may seem a little intimidating at first, but it is not only for those practicing Christianity! I know people that practice Hinduism, Atheism, and those that have many different beliefs that loved the experience! The entire weekend just felt like a deep cleanse from the outside world and even though it was just a few days, I made so many connections with people I would have never met otherwise.

One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Moved In My First Year: Your sleep schedule is so important! I personally stayed up past 1 am every morning doing homework and had to get up before 7 for class which made me take even longer to finish assignments because of how tired I was.