Lauren Best


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Nottingham, New Hampshire United States

Major: Education
Second Major: English
Minor: Creative Writing
Languages Spoken: English

Campus Activities and Organizations in Which You Are Or Have Been Involved: Dance Team, Honors Program, MOVE, Student Association, Wind and Jazz Ensembles, Wilderness Program, Go Baby Go, Adventure Sports Center

One Interesting Thing About Me: I organized, planned, and implemented my one-day leadership seminar for freshman students from across the state of New Hampshire in partnership with HOBY New Hampshire!

My Best Memory From My First Year At SMC: My roommates and I were all getting ready for the day bright and early in the morning. One of my roommates got frozen fruit out of the freezer to make a smoothie, but when she opened the bag, it exploded EVERYWHERE!! We spent a solid thirty minutes picking up the small pieces of fruit with our hands because our vacuum was broken. Even though it most definitely stained the carpet (and it's probably still there), the fruit on the floor brought us so close together. It's hilarious that we bonded from spilt fruit. To this day, we still talk about it all the time! I don't think I've ever laughed harder in my life. Now I have the best friends in the world.

One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Moved In My First Year: Get a waterproof bluetooth shower speaker so you don't ruin your good one Bring only your fave sweatshirts. You're going to buy so many more here on campus Connect with classmates via social media before you get on campus. It'll help your transition! Figure out where your classes are before the first day of school. It elevates so much stress Share your mailing address with friends and family from home. Getting mail is the best! Put yourself out there. If it interests you, go for it. Do it. Get out there. Try it. College is all about growing. Give yourself the opportunities to grow. Command hooks all the way Raise your bed. You're going to want the under the bed storage