Lesley Rivera

    Lesley Rivera

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    Minor: Global Studies
    Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

    Campus Activities and Organizations in Which You Are Or Have Been Involved: Diversity Coalition, Honors Program, Martin Luther King Jr. Society, MOVE, Student Association, Student Global AIDS Campaign, Alpha Omega Ternity, Vice President - class of 2025, Resident Assistant

    One Interesting Thing About Me: I love to thrift and make clothes. I am currently learning how to sew and crochet my own clothing. My hope is to create my own shop.

    My Best Memory From My First Year At SMC: I went skiing for the first time and it took me forever to learn the techniques. I had an instance where I went straight down the mountain and crashed into the fence at the bottom. I was not injured but the people on the trip were so comforting and now we have become close friends. Meeting people is not hard at St. Mikes. There will always be people you can connect with even when you are trying something new.

    One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Moved In My First Year: Investing in a sweeper or a broom does wonders! Also if you are looking for fridges or microwaves, look into the bookstore. They have sales in the beginning of the school year!