Marlon Hyde


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Brooklyn, NY United States

Major: Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts
Minor: Philosophy
Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

Campus Activities and Organizations in Which You Are Or Have Been Involved: Defender, Diversity Coalition, Founders Society, Honors Program, Intramural Sports, Martin Luther King Jr. Society, Recreational Sports, SLAM, Student Association, Study Abroad, Wilderness Program, WWPV (campus radio)

One Interesting Thing About Me: I can count to ten in four languages.

My Best Memory From My First Year At SMC: I remember my first winter in Vermont. There was so much snow on the ground, my eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning. My friend and I were walking to north campus and I was kicking and playing with the snow the whole way. I recognized two of my friends who were walking in front of us, so I reached down to make a fat snowball. As I wound up to throw, I stepped on a sheet of ice and my momentum hurled me to the ground. My friend laughed while the other friends kept walking because they didn’t notice. I was so embarrassed but I was laughing too hard to show it.

One Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Moved In My First Year: These dorms get very cold at night so bring a big comfy blanket.