Campus Guidelines

Campus COVID Health and Safety Guidelines as of 8/12/21:


Unvaccinated students who have an approved exemption will need to provide evidence of a negative COVID test result from within 72 hours of arrival on campus.

Any student who does not have an approved exemption is required to upload their proof of vaccine or risk not being able to receive entry into their living space.

Vaccine policy
Vaccines for COVID-19 are required for students working, living, and/or learning on campus during the 2021-22 school year, whether residential or commuter. Students can apply for a religious or medical exemption by completing this form. Employees living on campus are required to be vaccinated, all other employees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated. Residential employees can apply for a religious or medical exemption by contacting the Bergeron Wellness Center.

Masking policy
All employees, students, and guests are required to wear masks when indoors in shared spaces on campus. The only exceptions to this are eating and sleeping or if one is alone in a personal space. This policy applies to all employees, students, and guests regardless of vaccination status. We will continue to review this mandate on a weekly basis. We appreciate your flexibility as we adjust our policies to best position ourselves for a healthy start to a vibrant academic year.

Quarantine and Isolation

  • Unvaccinated students who are deemed a contact of a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who are symptomatic will be tested on day 0 and will need to quarantine in a designated residential space until receiving a negative result from a day 7 test.
  • Vaccinated students who are deemed contacts do not have to quarantine but must monitor their health and report to Bergeron Wellness Center immediately for testing if experiencing any symptoms.
  • Any confirmed positive cases — vaccinated or unvaccinated — will be required to isolate in a designated residential space for 10 days.

Testing – Weekly Surveillance and Symptomatic
Unvaccinated students are required to undergo weekly surveillance testing through the Bergeron Wellness Center. The schedule and information will be sent directly to those students who have health and religious exemptions. Any student experiencing symptoms must go to Bergeron Wellness Center to be tested for COVID-19. Anyone who is tested for symptoms and awaiting results of the test may have to quarantine overnight in a separate dorm until results are available. Instructions if you are experiencing COVID Symptoms

Contact Tracing

  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, the Bergeron Wellness Center staff will partner with the Vermont Department of Health on the contact tracing process. Instructions for a Positive Test
  • If you are deemed a contact, but are fully vaccinated, you will not be required to quarantine, but will be asked to watch for symptoms and seek care immediately should you develop any symptoms. A day five test will be made available to you through the Bergeron Wellness Center. Instructions if you are identified as a contact
  • If you are deemed a contact, but are not fully vaccinated, you will need to move to an assigned separate residence space on campus and quarantine for seven days, and then get a negative test prior to leaving quarantine. The Residence Life staff will support you during your quarantine. Instructions if you are identified as a contact
  • Information shared with the contact tracers will not be used against students for the purpose of disciplinary action.

Daily Health Log
All community members are required to complete the online daily health log. Please be vigilant about doing this every day you are on campus as it has helped us identify cases and limit spread last year.

Student Health Log

Employee Health Log

Returning to In-Person Work
Anyone deemed to be medically vulnerable or who has a chronic medical condition is encouraged to consult with their primary healthcare provider prior to returning to work. They should seek counsel from Human Resources if they feel they cannot perform their job safely or need accommodations to be able to perform their job safely. If this is the case, they can reach out to Kendra Smith in Human Resources at Human Resources will work with the employee and their supervisor (in the case of faculty, the Dean and/or VPAA) to explore possible accommodations.

Residence Hall Guidelines
There are no required “households” at this time. Students may visit each other’s residence but must wear masks.

While gatherings are not limited indoors or outdoors (subject to the regular existing campus and housing rules), masks must be worn indoors and while driving in vehicles with others.

The Green Mountain dining room (Alliot), Einstein’s, and Café Cheray will all operate normally. Masks must be worn at all times indoors except when eating or drinking. There will be no take-out available from Alliot.

Classrooms have been restored to regular spacing and density.

All visitors to campus must be masked. Overnight visitors to campus must be vaccinated.

Travel Off Campus
Domestic travel off campus with College-sponsored groups or independently is now permitted. College-sponsored international travel to Canada is allowed as long as all travelers adhere to all Canadian travel requirements.

College-Approved Van Use
Driver and passengers in College vans must wear masks.