Campus Guidelines

Updated Campus COVID Health and Safety Guidelines: Updated 3/1/23


If you test POSITIVE, click the button below to access the tracing form.

Click Here

Here is a resource guide which includes information about isolation for students who have tested positive.


If you test POSITIVE, click the button below.

Click Here

Here is a resource guide for employees who have tested positive.

Close Contacts


If you have been identified as a close contact, please read this resource letter for next steps.


If you have been identified as a close contact, please click here for guidance from the Vermont Department of Health.

Guidance After Covid-19


If you completed your isolation for COVID-19, click this resource for next steps.


You can leave isolation when you meet ALL three of these conditions:

  1. You no longer have symptoms or symptoms have significantly improved, AND
  2. You have had no fever for at least 24 hours without the use of medicine that reduces fever, AND
  3. You have completed 5 full days of isolation from your positive test or the start of symptoms, whichever came first.

You must continue to wear a well-fitting mask around others for a full 10 days! You may return to work on the morning of day 6, if you meet all of the above conditions.

Vaccine policy – Effective Fall 2023

The vaccine for Covid-19 continues to be strongly recommended for all community members, however, the Covid-19 vaccine will no longer be a requirement for attendance at the College due to the high level of community immune protection, either via vaccine or prior illness. There is no need to apply for a vaccine waiver for this vaccine. We do know that the vaccine has been proven effective in avoiding serious illness and death from the Covid-19 virus, and we strongly recommend that all members of this community follow the advice of the CDC and take advantage of the most current guidelines and recommendations.

While no longer mandated, the college strongly recommends an up to date vaccine series and booster for Covid-19 for all community members. More information about this can be found on the CDC website.


We continue to recommend strongly that all members of the SMC community continue to stay home when feeling ill. Anyone with symptoms should test for Covid-19. Rapid tests for Covid-19 are now widely available and accessible. SMC students should also reach out to Bergeron Wellness Center for advice and testing if needed.

PCR testing will no longer be available on campus after May, 2023. There is no current requirement for PCR testing for travel, and rapid tests have been sufficient to diagnose current disease. In addition, the Broad Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts (our testing partner since 2020) will no longer be providing this service as the national need for PCR tests has declined significantly. 

Illness Management

We still require that all Saint Michael’s College students who test positive for Covid-19 follow the CDC guidelines for isolation as they recover. Students can isolate in place or choose to complete isolation at home and should complete the COVID tracing form. Students will continue to be supported with food, medicine to feel better if necessary, and academic flexibility while they are out of in-person classes. 

Masking Policy

Effective August 9, 2022, our mask policy for students, faculty, staff, and visitors will be as follows:. 

  • Masks are optional in all settings. 
  • Anyone who wishes to continue to wear a mask in any setting will have the full support of the College in doing so. Each of us has our own circumstances and concerns, and we must all respect the decision of anyone who chooses to continue to wear a mask, as many of us will.
  • We highly encourage wearing a mask if you feel unwell, even if you have tested negative for COVID. 
  • All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are strongly encouraged to carry a mask at all times. If someone asks you to wear a mask in their presence, including in academic spaces, please respect their request and comply.

Remote Classes

With the exception of courses explicitly noted in the course schedule, Saint Michael’s is not offering remote classes this year.  If students must be out of classes for a short period due to illness or personal circumstances, professors may accommodate those absences in a number of ways.  While this may include recording, live streaming, or Zoom access, please note that virtual access is not available for all classes and should not be an expectation even for short-term absences.  While out of class, students are responsible for communicating with professors and keeping up with any missed coursework.  Long-term remote learning is not available for any class this semester that isn’t already identified as “on-line” or “virtual.”  Students who are unable to attend classes for more than 10 consecutive days must be in touch with the Associate Dean’s office (802-654-2347) to discuss their options.


COVID-19 Work Related Absence
Staff members who are unable to work due to a COVID-19 related reason may be eligible to receive donated PTO time. This is an expansion of the typical use of Donated PTO time beyond FMLA eligible leaves. Employees should work with their supervisor and Human Resources to request up to 80 hours of Donated PTO time (per calendar year) to cover absences directly related to COVID-19, even if the employee has a PTO, Grandfathered Vacation or Sick leave balance. PTO will continue to accrue when using Donated PTO time.

Faculty who are unable to work due to a COVID-19 related reason should inform their chair and the Dean’s office immediately. We encourage departments to coordinate their plans with each other and plan for the possibility of illness and/or unexpected absences, ahead of time. We require all faculty to plan their courses on Canvas and populate them with learning materials ahead of time; this not only provides consistency for the students but also facilitates instructional continuity in the case of illness.

*Note: Childcare challenges that are directly related to COVID-19 are covered under this policy. We recognize the challenges faced by parents when schools or childcare providers may be closed and will strive to be as flexible as possible. To protect the health of our children and the SMC community, at this time, faculty and staff should not bring children on campus for extended periods. Exceptions may include quick trips to campus, as long as all of the safety protocols are followed. If you have childcare challenges that cannot be mitigated through regular absence processes, please speak with your direct supervisor about potential options.