Career Education and Alumni Engagement Center

The Saint Michael's College Career Education and Alumni Engagement Center provides opportunities to maximize the impact that our alumni, student employment, and internships has on the preparation of our students as they work towards rewarding careers and living purposeful lives.  Our focus on helping students prepare for their life after college begins with the admission process and continues throughout their four years at Saint Michael's, but it will not stop there. We stay connected with alumni to develop lifelong engagement with the College and its students.

The Liberal Arts at Work is our comprehensive four-year student development program that promotes student success through experiential learning in and beyond the classroom.  Co-curricular programs focus on skills development, particularly leadership.  The On-Campus Student Employment Program offers a tiered system that allows students to advance and take serious responsibility within their work place.  Our dynamic alumni mentoring model offers excellent opportunities for students to develop skills for future internships and jobs.

The CEAEC works to help students make the connection between classroom and career. The Center has liaisons to each academic department and has strong working relationships with faculty to assist in helping students translate the content they have learned into the skills they possess.

We partner with employers and have an industry advisory board to create opportunities for alumni and employers to engage with students in a more deliberate and defined way.   We are focused on reaching out to our vast alumni network to help current students gain real-world experiences. If you’re an alumnus/a looking to volunteer, please fill out our online form


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