Discover what moves you

MOVE OfficeService is at the heart of the Saint Michael’s College experience. That’s not because it’s required for any major. It’s because our students believe in it.

Get to know MOVE, which is our service organization on campus.  By graduation, nearly 70% of our students will participate in MOVE in some way, which is the highest participate rate of any organization on campus. More than 65 of our student leaders head MOVE’s highly individualized, creative programs. In 2011, 560 student MOVE volunteers accounted for almost 28,000 hours served locally, domestically and internationally.

In short, not every student comes to Saint Michael’s to volunteer. But once they are here, most are inspired to do so by experiencing its importance in the community.

The variety of programs, from an hour of volleyball with women who are incarcerated to a year-long stint working one-on-one with a child, mean there are service options that will fit any student’s schedule and interest level.

What moves you? We can help you find out for yourself. Here's what some students have said about their experience with MOVE:

"The MOVE program at Saint Mike's helps students take charge and learn how to become good leaders" 
~Nicholas Verdirame '17 (After School Games)

“When I came to St. Mike’s, MOVE was a place to get involved in good things,” says one graduating senior. “But over time, I’ve realized it’s not just a place to come to do things, it’s really a way of being. I have a much better understanding of our world and my place in it because of my time in MOVE.”