Research at Saint Michael's College

As part of your education at Saint Michael's, you will become a strong researcher and independent worker. You may participate in some or all of the following:

  • Course-based Research. Many of our courses, even in the first-year curriculum, involve short- or long-term research projects, often involving group research and a public presentation. Most senior capstone experiences, which are required in every major, have an expectation of an independent research project, a field practicum, or a public presentation or performance.
  • Academic Year Independent Research with faculty. Students may work with a faculty member during the academic year, either for credit or as a paid research assistant.
  • Full-time Summer Research. Each year approximately 50 students receive stipends for full-time summer research with faculty. Students may apply for a stipend funded through the Trustee Scholar Program or other endowed college funds. Alternatively, they may be asked to work with a faculty member on a research project that is funded through an external grant, for example, from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, NASA, or other private foundations or government agencies. All summer research students are eligible to live on campus, and they meet regularly to discuss their research experiences with other student researchers and faculty. Grants are awarded in all disciplines.

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