Global Eyes 2011

Category: City Life

dizzy city

"Dizzy City" by Lynne Anderson
Old Delhi, India, December 2010

I took this picture after my first and only day spent in Old Delhi, India. While walking down the street as a pale Caucasian American girl, I felt completely out of place for the first time in my life. I have never been the minority in my country and have never felt the feeling of hundreds of eyes looking at me. This was a truly eye opening experience, but it was also very overwhelming. This picture describes my feelings of insecurity and vulnerability caused by the fast paced culture and the busy city nights of Old Delhi.

szechenyi furdo

*Category Winner*

"Széchenyi Fürdö (Hungarian Baths)" by Brittany Baker
Budapest, Hungary, March 2010

The largest of several bathing complexes in the heart of Hungary's capital city, Budapest. There are three outdoor pools at the Széchenyi baths, as well as several indoor pools. It is open all year long, even in the winter when it is snowing. It may be surprising that this is part of city life.

fanesca para semana santa

"Fanesca para Semana Santa" by Katherine Hackett
Santo Domingo, Ecuador, April 2010

The streets of Santo Domingo are always filled with Ecuadorians buying off the black market. Leading up to Semana Santa, or Holy Week, everyone scrambles to get the 12 grains necessary to make Fanesca. This traditional soup celebrates the 12 Apostles and is eaten on Easter, and for however long it takes to finish the extremely heavy dish. The dirty streets and dangerously close taxis that almost rolled over my feet are no hindrance to this Catholic population trying to make their Easter soup.

Category: Creative/Artistic

om mani padme hum

"Om Mani Padme Hum" by Lynne Anderson
Thimpu, Bhutan, December 2010

Om Mani Padme Hum is a Tibetan Buddhist mantra that invokes the powerful attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. This mantra is written on prayer wheels and is carved into stones on the sides of monasteries. When repeating these syllables one can't help but feel the spirit of the world around them, even if they are not of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I saw this mantra carved onto a somewhat forgotten stone covered in moss and weeds while on a hike from the BBS tower in Thimphu, Bhutan. I couldn't help but love the way the setting sun filtered through the trees to highlight this powerful saying.

view through stained glass

"View Through Stained Glass" by Brittany Baker
Budapest, Hungary, April 2010

From inside the Budapest History Museum in Buda Palace is a different view of Gellért Hill and the Liberation Monument (The Statue of Liberty of Hungary).

boats on the ganges

"Boats on the Ganges" by John O'Connor
Varanassi, India, Fall 2010

This photo was taken from the balcony at a burning ghat over-looking some boats in the Ganges River. This river is the most holy river in India. Hindus come here from all over India to burn the bodies of their loved ones. There are bodies burning throughout the day and Indians have been doing this for thousands of years. Photography of burning bodies is restricted yet here you can spot fresh ashes drifting down "Mother Gange."

Category: Cultural Most Distinct from Saint Michael's

african 9 to 5

"African 9 to 5" by Sarah Bailey
Cape Town, South Africa, March 2010

A woman from Gugulethu in Cape Town preparing the head of a sheep for sale, as the owner of the shop supervises. Bones being the exception, every part of the sheep is sold and consumed in this township. Cultural regulations dictate it is the job of women to sit and breathe smoke all day in the 100+ degree weather and clean sheep's heads for retail purposes. Basic amenities include a knife, fire, water and a mid-day Coca-Cola break.

the tannery king

*Category Winner*

"The Tannery" by Kristin King
Fez, Morocco, October 2010

With sprigs of fresh mint leaves heald to our noses, we gazed over the expanse of bronzed flesh, dye pots and fresh hides.

endless prayer

"Endless Prayer" by Kayle Schnell
Thimphu, Bhutan, December 2010

On one of our first days in Bhutan we visited the Chortin, which is a place of prayer and spiritual connection. Bhutanese monks, people and youth all go there for enlightenment and spiritual offering. This was one of the men who spends all of his days spinning and praying at the large prayer wheels. The sense of joy he expressed with his face at first shocked me given the simplicity of his life and practice. Yet, after spending time with Bhutan's rich spiritual culture I realized that many of our greatest joys and pleasures can come from the beauty of simple living and meditative practice. This is one of the many lessons I learned from the Land of Gross National Happiness.

Category: Landscape

wandering our winding way to the wonders

"Wandering on Our Winding Way to the Wonders" by Ashley Armstrong
Kylemore Abbey, September 2010

The frame of this picture is filled with elements of nature. It shows no sign of the nearby castle nor of the tourists flowing in and out of that structure. Instead the focus here is on the serenity and simplicity that is the lake, the hills, and the tangled tree. I wonder how many of the tourists ever see this tree. It's a pity that in one's effort to see the world and its wonders, the field of vision is often restricted by a call for efficiency.

mossy forest

"Mossy Forest" by Adam Reczek
Fiordland, New Zealand, March 2010

This photo was taken along the Routeburn Track in Fiordland in the western South Island of New Zealand. Depicted is a forest of green mossy, twisting limbs. In finding my way through these woods I felt engulfed in a sea of endless green, often losing sight of the trail as it disappeared into the trees. Such sights were a constant reminder of my isolation and the power nature had over me as I made my way deeper into the woods.

life slows down

*Category Winner*

"Life Slows Down" by Sarah Regan
Inhambane, Mozambique, May 2010

This photograph was taken after I spent a couple of hours snorkeling near Inhambane, Mozambique with some friends and a few locals. The weather was gorgeous, the water of the Indian Ocean was unbelievably warm, and the many starfish we spotted were enormous and vibrantly colored. We snorkeled off of a tiny island that had 360 degree views of clear blue water, green palm tree forests, and absolutely nothing else. This experience gave us the opportunity to slow down and take life in, an important lesson that was reinforced everywhere I went in southern Africa.

Category: Nature and the Environment

the old long walk

*Category Winner*

"The Old Long Walk" by Kate Loughlin
Galway, Ireland, May 2010

The village of Claddagh has so much history. It is where the famous claddagh ring came from as well as the scene captured in this photo of the "long walk" right outside of Galway's city centre. Regardless of the weather or time of day the Claddagh was always a great place to reflect on anything and everything Ireland had to offer.

jungle love

"Jungle Love" by Ellen Missert
Eastern Cape, South Africa, May 2010

PDAA: public display of animal affection. A couple of ellies getting some loving down by the watering hole. The beauty of the animal kingdom.

flora and fauna of new zealand

"Flora and Fauna of New Zealand" by Kristine Oines
South Island, New Zealand, May 2010

This photo was taken at a rare bird sanctuary in New Zealand. The birds get to live in this beautiful environment surrounded by flax and reeds. The Maori people call these plants wharariki and raupō.

Category: People and the Human Spirit

belgian light show

*Category Honorable Mention*

"Belgian Light Show" by Emily Arturi
Brussels, Belgium, Decembere 2010

I attended a nighttime Christmas festival in Brussels and was struck by this otherworldly sight. While the soaring voice of an opera singer filled the air, illuminated performers danced across the darkened cobblestone square. This experience was a remarkable finale to my adventures abroad.

beautiful tradition woman of the himba tribe

*The People's Choice Award*

"Beautiful Traditional Woman of the Himba Tribe" by Olivia Belofsky
Namibia, Africa, November 2010

The people of the Himba tribes of Africa have been extremely diligent about upholding the roots of their culture, but they are also very curious about visitors and the modern culture just outside of their home.


*Category Winner*

"Lorenzo" by Beth Davin
Bologna, Italy, October 2010

Lorenzo lives on this balsamic vinegar farm north of Bologna. He captures the true essence of Italian boys with their attitude, playfulness, and love of soccer. He will continue the family tradition of balsamic making which is a dying art.

count your blessings

"Count Your Blessings" by Eileen Mullowney
Lhasa, Tibet, July 2010

One afternoon we visited the Sera Monastery just outside of Lhasa, Tibet. As we wandered around, we discovered this friendly monk who offered to bless our recently purchased trinkets. Through this process he turned our cheap jewelry into meaningful religious pieces.

Category: Politics/Peace and Justice

temporary shed

*Category Winner*

"Temporary Shed" by Sarah Coleman
West Sikkim, India, December 2010

This image depicts a young schoolboy walking outside his school. The Indian government is currently implementing laws and providing free education for children. This specific school was temporary while the local school was being renovated.

the jewish badge

"The Jewish Badge" by Deanna Lavender
Hamburg, Germany, September 2010

This photo was taken in the museum (a refurbished prisoners bunker) at the Neuengamme Concentration Camp in Hamburg, Germany. This is an actual star worn by Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust. The German word for Jew, "Jude", is now synonymous with Nazi persecution.

the belfast murals

"The Belfast Murals" by Margaret Lund
Belfast, Northern Ireland, October 2010

Though the troubles are over, the walls still divide parts of Belfast. The murals both on the walls and on the sides of buildings mark which territory you are in. This is a Republican mural. That is, a mural done by those who believe Northern Ireland and the Republic should be united. Many Republican murals refer to conflicts around the world, not only those in Ireland.

Category: The Essence of Study Abroad

little girls at orphanage

*Category Winner* *Best of Show Award*

"Little Girls at Orphanage" by Sarah Coleman
Kolkata, India, December 2010

I took this picture while spending time at an orphanage in Kolkata. I spent the day with these two little girls painting and looking at picture books. Although they didn't speak English, I still found myself developing a great connection with them. I feel that this comes through in the picture.

destination anywhere

"Destination Anywhere" by Adam Reczek
Dunedin, New Zealand, April 2010

After a few weeks lacking in adventure I decided to put down my homework and experience what my journey to New Zealand was all about. I filled my pack with a sleeping bag, some warm clothes and a bit of food and hit the streets with the vaguest hitch-hiking sign I could think of. I didn’t make it far from home that day, but in my travels I met some interesting people and learned the true essence of study abroad: you don’t have to know what your looking for, you just have to be looking.

Judges Note: This is a self-portrait taken with the camera's self-timer setting.

bad place for a flat

"Bad Place for a Flat" by Claire Whitaker
Shambala, Gobi Desert, Mongolia, October 2010

Driving around Shambala, a place in the Gobi Desert that Buddhists consider an energy center of the world, our Russian van encounters some car trouble. The sands of the Gobi were shockingly colorful, and on our "detour" my professors pointed out a dinosaur skeleton which had been unearthed by archaeologists. The desert, assumed to be barren, was seemingly full of life.

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