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Category: City Life

“Piazza Della Repubblica”
by Alex Lennon

Florence, Italy, Fall 2011

As the title suggests, I took this picture in Piazza Della Repubblica in the heart of Florence. Here people of all ages gather to watch the carousel. This was one of my favorite places to go at night during my time in Florence.

“Paper Planes” by Elyse Desmarais
London, England, Fall 2011

As I walked home from class one day, I came across this scene on the south bank of London. Each paper plane had a poem written by a refugee youth living in London. The poems expressed the refugees' new life in this city, a new home for many seeking safety and protection.

“A Reflection of the Past”
by Kyle McCarty

Kolkata, India, Winter 2011-2012

A rickshaw operator struggles to find business as he gently rests his face against the palms of his hands. India remains one of the only countries to still use this form of transportation. His reflection in the glossy paint of a nearby taxi tells the story of the change this country is constantly facing.

Category: Creative/Artistic


“Colors of the Wind”
by Abbey Stillwell

Pelling, India, Winter Session 2011

Along the edge of the Tashiding Gompa Monastery in Pelling, India, the peaceful wind blows against thousands of prayer flags. The flags are lined with various prayers based on Buddhist philosophy. The sun shining through the flags combines the elements to make a most serene shot.

Holy Door

Porta Sacra (Holy Door)”
by Ricardo Daher Lupi

Rome, Italy, Spring 2011

Although you may think of this picture as just a picture like any other that shows a door, there is an even deeper meaning behind this particular one that transcends any common historical ground we know of as the magnificent circular castle within which it lies (Castel Sant’Angelo). Almost five hundred years ago (circa 1530), Pope Paul III demanded the construction of a comfortable papal apartment in Castel Sant’Angelo in case he and his successors needed a place for protection in case of emergency. Made out of massive blocks of rock, triple-layered hard-wood, oversized metal hinges, and protected by an influential godly name, this snapshot accentuates the true essence, elements, and purpose that this door served hundreds of years ago when it was still in use.

“Tribute to the Sky from Batlló”
by Ricardo Daher Lupi

Barcelona, Spain, Spring 2011

Antonio Gaudi was a Catalan architect (1852-1926) who was inimitably innovative and creative within the Modernist movement. His designs quickly gained world recognition, with this particular structure being among his most admired and recognized symbolical pieces of architecture. I was inspired by his own words of wisdom “ahora deja libre tu espíritu, ya te saldrá” (now let go of your spirit, and you will find the artist within you).

Category: Culture Most Distinct From SMC

“Traveler of the Floating Village”
by Shelby Kline Farrell

Siem Reap, Cambodia, Summer 2011

This traveler of the Chong Khneas floating village is one of many Cambodians living along the edge of the Tonle Sap Lake. The village consists of markets, restaurants, houses, and a floating school, all built upon bamboo rafts. The area is extremely impoverished but absolutely stunning. During the dry season, the houses end up resting high on stilts.

“Warrior” by Anna Castronovo
Rwanda, Fall 2011

This photo was taken in the Rwandan Millennium Development Village. The men in this picture have studied Rwandan traditional dance since they were four years old. The traditional garb and dance style originate from the tribe’s older techniques to hunt and fight.

“The Grande Mosquee” at Touba
by Amy Forshay

Touba, Senegal, Fall 2011

The Grande Mosquée, located in Touba, Senegal, is rumored to be one of the largest mosques in all of Africa.

Category: Landscape

“Sin Nombre” by Brian McDonnell

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile,
Spring 2011

While riding on horseback across seemingly limitless stretches of sand and dunes, we stopped to admire the breathtaking beauty around us. The sight left me speechless.

“Goats at Krishna's Butter Ball”
by Dailey Brannin

Mamallapuram, India, Fall 2011

“Krishna's Butter Ball” is among many ancient rock structures and stone carvings in Mamallapuram, but it has the most unique name of the lot. Its massive presence on a steep incline seems impossible, but it's been resting there for centuries. No one seems to know how it got its name. If you look closely, you can see the goats resting in the Butter Ball's shade.

“Unbelievable Karma”
by Anna Fetterolf

Tibet, Summer 2011

We went to a small village that was settled next to a holy mountain range. We looked out onto this mountain range from a deck with eight stupas. As the clouds parted for the first time in ten days, we caught a glimpse of the mountains with the stupas up front.

Category: Nature and the Environment

“Crab in Sand” by Sarah Roop

Stadbroke Island, Australia, Fall 2011

This photo was taken at the world’s second-largest sand island, Stradbroke Island. I saw this Sentinel Crab making its way down the beach one morning.

“Wonderscape” by Lily Keyes
South Island, New Zealand, Spring 2011

Tramping to the chasm, a sapphire blue crash of fresh water into a deep rock crevice, I stopped to gaze into the rainforest of New Zealand’s south island. My eye raced to the vanishing point, weaving between healthy trees and brushing past giant ferns. I had never seen such thick forests; the walk to the chasm became the main attraction.

“Storks in the Knobby Trees”
by Ellen Lussier

Strasbourg, France, Spring 2011

This picture was taken in Strasbourg, France. The stork is common in the Alsace region of France and they build their nests at the top of these trees. These strange trees have their limbs cut off to make them look very different. The sun hit just right to capture the beautiful silhouettes of the birds and their nests.

“Midnight Snack” by Cara Sherry

Sabi Sand, South Africa, Spring 2011


This is a leopard that we saw while on a safari in the middle of the night. We got to watch him stalk, catch, and eat his dinner of rabbit. He ate the whole rabbit, bones and all!

Category: People and the Human Spirit

“Pools of Blue” by Kyle McCarty

Kolkata, India, Winter 2011-2012

Both deaf and unable to speak, a young orphan from Kolkata's "Empower the Children" program gazes deeply into the camera. The piercing chill of his stare echoes the story of his hardships as well as the hope that still remains.

“Kite” by Melissa Hallisey
Mumbai, India, Fall 2011

Dharavi, located in the center of India’s financial capital Mumbai, is commonly called the “largest slum in Asia” and is home to around one million people. While some of Dharavi’s residents do find work, the rest of them will never escape the poverty. I found this young boy particularly intriguing. Even under the most difficult of circumstances, he still found a way to play, to be a child just like everyone else.

“The Strength of Water”
by Rachel Laufersweiler

Terrat, Tanzania, Spring 2011

This picture shows a young boy from Terrat, Tanzania, getting water. Women and children will travel a 15-minute walk to the Boma’s water source. The man-made water source needs to be far enough away from the Boma, the central living area, so as not to attract animals too close to the community’s cattle and people. This picture shows the unbelievable strength that young children develop, so early in life, having to tow water back day in and day out.

“Strong Women” by Giselle Regalado
Durshet, India, Spring 2011

I took this photo during my first village visit in India. These women were getting water from the only community well in the area. The well provided clean water for cooking and drinking. It was impressive for me to see how these women were carrying water on their heads and hips.

Category: Politics/Peace & Justice

“La Memoria Argentina”
by Emily McNally

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Spring 2011

From 1976-1983 Argentina experienced a reign of state terror often referred to as the Dirty War or La Guerra Sucia. During this time, the military government tortured, murdered, or disappeared an estimated 30,000 citizens, mostly left-wing activists, Marxists, journalists, students, Peronists, and alleged sympathizers. In 1998, human rights groups and the municipal government of Buenos Aires approved the construction of La Parque de La Memoria in memory of the victims who were disappeared and the ones yet to be confirmed.


“The Silver Gate” by Dachelle London
Pune, India, Fall 2011

Although India is rapidly developing, those who benefit most from the changes belong to the upper and middle classes. This leaves behind about 27.5% of the Indian population who are impoverished. The balance of power between rich and poor is a huge issue for the country. Many belonging to lower castes still find it hard to find work because they are looked down upon and uneducated, forcing them to accept low wage jobs and live in slums such as the one depicted behind the silver gate.

“Never Forgotten” by Kerri Mahoney
Krakow, Poland, Fall 2011

This is a picture of a square in Krakow, Poland. The chairs represent the thousands of Jews who were forced to line up there and leave their belongings before being transported to concentration camps. A huge percentage of the Jewish population in Poland was diminished because of the Holocaust and never restored. The empty chairs illustrate this and serve as a memorial to all the Polish victims.

Category: The Essence of Study Abroad

“La Sobremesa Con Charo”
by Sunny Masison

Madrid, Spain, Spring 2011

Almost every night, I ate dinner just like this with my host mom, Charo, one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. I learned more from her during my months abroad than I did from any class I took. She was so dedicated to making me comfortable and helping me improve my Spanish that she spent hours listening to me talk, answering my questions, suggesting things to do and teaching me to cook. Forming relationships, particularly this one, is the essence of study abroad for me.


“Morning Reflection”
by Shelby Kline Farrell

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Summer 2011

Waking up at 4:00 a.m. to watch the sun rise is a challenging feat for many college students.Angkor Wat is a massive 12th century Buddhist temple and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Missing the opportunity to catch such a brilliant and serene natural sight for a few extra hours of sleep would have been foolish!

“A Secret Nook” by Alex Fornaciari
Amalfi Coast, Italy, Spring 2011

I was walking along the winding road of the Amalfi Coast that cut in and out of the coastline when I looked down and was highly intrigued by this little inlet town. It is amazing to me that people work and live here on a regular basis. To me what seems like a vacation is a regular routine for the people who live or work here. I thought this was a beautiful hidden gem.

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