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Category: City Life


Category Winner

"Wired" by Sarah Main

Delhi, India | June 2012

Across India, energy production is both an environmental and a social issue. The streets of Delhi bustle with an energy all its own, but overhead, a complicated web of electrical lines serves as a constant reminder of the country’s energy shortage. Engineers are often sent by their government to the United States to further their education and improve the country’s electrical issues. Many never return to their native land. The issue remains unsolved.

gangster security

Category Winner

"Gangster Security" by Morgan Sherry
Santo Antonio de Jesus, Brazil | Spring 2012

The two boys sitting outside are actually playing in front of a home owned by a Brazilian gang. The boys are as tough in person as they appear to be in the picture. The favela in which they live is one of the most dangerous in the area.

region metropolitana

"Región Metropolitana" by Meg Bolger
Santiago, Chile | Fall 2012

This fisheye photo was taken from the balcony of an apartment building in the heart of Santiago. Santiago is the home to nearly 5 million people and was my home during my study abroad experience. At the top of the hill on the right, a statue of San Cristobal watches over the bustling city below.

scenic nyhavn

"Scenic Nyhavn" by Chris Lavalee
Billund, Denmark | April 2012

One cannot go to Copenhagen without visiting Nyhavn, the famous scenic canal-street lined with colorful cafes and restaurants. However, if you find that Copenhagen is too expensive, go visit Billund, Denmark, where Legos were invented. There you will find the original Legoland, complete with miniatures of many world-famous sites with running boats, trains, and windmills.

metropolitan police officers relax

"Metropolitan Police Officers Relax After Paralympic Games" by Alexander Spinelli
London, England | September 2012

The London 2012 Paralympic Road Cycling events involved more than 225 athletes from more than 50 nations. On 8 September 2012, Olympians raced at the iconic Brands Hatch circuit before heading onto city roads in London. The Salvation Army was present throughout the event, providing free coffee, tea, and doughnuts to spectators. After the race was over and the mass of people moved on to other things, these Metropolitan Police officers decided to relax and share some thoughts by the Salvation Army canteen.

Category: Creative/Artistic

cotton candy skies

Category Winner

"Cotton Candy Skies" by Emily Wilson
Edinburgh, Scotland | December 2012

The dull, cloudy day in Scotland turned beautiful when the sun began to set. The buildings were quite a contrast with their brown brick against the vibrant purple, pink, and orange of the sky.

sung tsenling on the water

"Sung Tsenling on the Water" by Lyle Nichols
Sung Tsenling Monastery, Tibet | June 2012

The day I visited this monastery it was too crowded to have our lessons. Instead we had the lessons on the banks of this nearby sacred pond. That day had a still wind. The water reflected the glow of the golden roofs in a majestic manner.

los ojos del desierto

"Los Ojos Del Desierto" by Meg Bolger
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile | Fall 2012

This fisheye photo was taken in the middle of the driest desert in the world, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. This is one of two naturally occurring sinkholes, together known as Los Ojos del Salar. The best part of visiting these sinkholes was being able to jump in!


"Waka" by Ibby Hearn
Bay of Islands, New Zealand | November 2012

This picture was taken on the grounds of the Treaty House of Waitangi. Maori people traditionally carved Wakas, or canoes, out of a single tree. The Treaty of Waitangi was a document signed by the Maori and Great Britain in which the British promised to care for and protect the Maori, their traditions, and cultural treasures. Wakas are a major part of Maori culture, and some tribes are able to recall their whakapapa, or lineage, all the way back to the original canoe that their first ancestors arrived in.

Category: Culture Most Distinct From Saint Michael's

offering animal skulls

Category Winner

"Offering Animal Skulls" by Andrea Nelson
Hkarkhorin, Mongolia | March 2012

This is an ovoo, a common sight in Mongolia. Ovoos are religious cairns which symbolize a human connection to the mountains and the sky. At this particular sight, many worshippers offered the most sacred gift that a Mongolian herder can give, an animal skull.


"Aarti (Festival of Lights)" by Sarah Main
Haridwar, India | June 2012

Every evening as the sun sets off the banks of the Ganges River, people gather from far and wide to celebrate the Aarti, the Festival of Lights. Banana leaf boats filled with flower petals and candles are sent down the river to the souls of lost loved ones. As the chanting begins, the thousands of gatherers are no longer strangers. They are united under their faith, and quite literally, by their actions. All at once, like a tidal wave, every free hand is thrust into the air. Such unison instills an incomparable sense of power and understanding of the religious culture.

Category: Landscape


Category Winner

"Tranquility" by Rebecca Bessette
Cusco, Peru | September 2012

Huacarpay Lake is a fresh water lake that lies in the middle of the Andes Mountains. This area has an array of endemic bird species and birdwatchers from all over the world come here to find birds they can’t see anywhere else. Nearly untouched by society and industrialization, it is the most peaceful and serene place I found while in Peru.

a room with a view

"A Room with a View" by Emma Hauser
Maasailand, Tanzania | March 2012

In the village of Engaresero, located on the foothills of Ol Doinyo Lengai, Maasai villagers wake up to the hot sun rising over the only active volcano on Earth that erupts with a natrocarbonatite. However to them, this volcano is much more than a unique natural occurrence in the East African Rift Valley. Ol Doinyo Lengai is believed by the Maasai to be the home of their god En’gai. It looms over the roofs of their mud and stick homes, bringing understanding to the name Ol Doinyo Lengai which translates to mean "the mountain of God."

flamingo sunrise

"Flamingo Sunrise" by Katlyn Keane
San Pedro de Atacame Desert, Chile | June 2012

In the freezing desert morning, we spied on pink flamingos just waking up. The cold toes were worth the breathtaking desert scenery in the early hours. The deserts of northern Chile are known for being extremely dry and in fact the water is saltwater. The flamingos find their nutrition in small organisms and algae.

Category: Nature and the Environment

elephant crossing

Category Winner/Best of Show Award/People's Choice Award

"Elephant Crossing" by Chris Moskal
Livingstone, Zambia | June 2012

A local artist overheard my friends and me saying that we hoped to see elephants in the few days we had left in Livingstone, Zambia. He told us we didn't have to wait and led us down the road heading toward Victoria Falls and the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. Just after it got dark, hundreds of elephants emerged from the trees and crossed the road, stopping traffic. The silhouette effect created by the headlights of the halted cars made for an unforgettable elephant encounter.

hielos patagonicos

"Hielos Patagonicos" by Meg Bolger
Patagonia, Argentina | Fall 2012

This photo was taken in Los Glaciares National Park in Argentine Patagonia. Glacier Perito Moreno is one of the few glaciers in the world that continues to grow, while the majority of glaciers are shrinking due to global climate change.

an everyday site

"An Everyday Site" by Amelie Jensen
Lac Cai, Bonaire | April 2012

Stovepipe sponge, brain coral, and anemones are all common species found on the reefs of Bonaire.


"Chrysalis" by Katlyn Keane
Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador | October 2011

On one of many nature hikes through the Amazon rainforest, a small, yellow butterfly was spied drying its wings after recently leaving its chrysalis. It is a rare moment to catch a butterfly at a time when it is most vulnerable to predators, unable to fly.

Category: People and the Human Spirit

maji salami

Category Winner

"Maji Salami" by Nora Stoelting
Zanzibar, Tanzania | August 2012

A boy plays on an unknown boat off the coast of Kiwengwa, Zanzibar.

colorful construction

"Colorful Construction" by Morgan Sherry
Rio de Contas, Bania, Brazil | Spring 2012

This old man is a construction worker I met one day walking back from school. The colorful architecture in this part of Salvador is common and makes for beautiful walks to school or work.

sunny and amiral

"Sunny and Amiral" by Allyson Berger
Calcutta, India | March 2012

The boy featured on the right, Sunny, became one of my closest friends in India. We met first in the park, where this picture was taken, when he was gathering recyclables left amidst the grass to sell on the streets. I was immediately taken by his bright smile and his beautifully broken English. He sat with my roommate and me for well over an hour, chatting, taking pictures on my camera, and telling jokes. I couldn’t get enough of his laughter, and whenever I saw him on the streets thereafter, I would take him out for ice cream or for another walk in the park. This photo was taken towards the end of my semester, on one of the last days I spent with Sunny. He is pictured here with his good friend, Amirul, listening to music through my earbuds, just after playing games together in the park.

Category: Politics/Peace & Justice

if a wall will not come down

Category Winner

"If A Wall Will Not Come Down..." by Alyssa Cuddy
Cape Town, South Africa | December 2012

Through barbed wire, I see a female figure’s neck stretch in a deep breath as she tries to understand how some can be blind to injustice. Aged with streaks and stains, the wall stands as if it had bled in the struggle for justice. Although written in an old script, the words “all shall be equal before the law” need to be recognized by more than pedestrians.

let down again

"Let Down Again" by Samantha Asker
Dakar, Senegal | March 2012

The Renaissance Statue in the background of this photo was built by President Wade in 2000. Despite (or perhaps because of) its grand scale and well-executed architecture, the Senegalese despise the statue. They feel betrayed that their president would spend an astronomical amount on an image that both misrepresents the Senegalese and is a clear nod to Western culture when so many Senegalese are hungry. The contrast of a Senegalese working man going about his day in the shadow of this statue, representing the disinterest of his political leader, impacted me deeply.

scacco motto

"Scacco Motto (Checkmate)" by Elizabeth Salois
Viareggio, Italy | February 2012

Every year there are carnival celebrations all over Italy, but Viareggio is known for its incredible parade of papier-mâché floats with intricate moving parts that loom multiple stories high. Most of these floats are satirical pieces, poking fun at politics. The float this woman was on was a huge chessboard with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at the center. No matter what move he made, he would be defeated by the pawns and bishops which represent the political opposition and judiciary system. This photo captures the pure joy and life of this celebration, making it different from any other form of political protest I have ever seen.

Category: The Essence of Study Abroad

my horse

Category Winner

"My Horse" by Andrea Nelson
Bayanhongor, Mongolia | April 2012

Horses are highly revered in Mongolian culture. It is commonly said, "A Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings." While I was living with nomadic people, this was my horse on which I herded goats, yaks, and sheep and actually saw the Mongolian countryside.

the tibetan smile

"The Tibetan Smile" Lyle Nichols
Shaxi, China | June 2012

Tibetan Buddhist philosophy believes true happiness comes through the act of compassion towards others. This caretaker welcomed me into the monastery with his warm smile. The photo captures the spirit of the Tibetan people. I was inspired towards my work to see these smiles from the Tibetans even when their culture has been under tremendous scrutiny from the Chinese government.

classroom in a cave

"Classroom in a Cave" by Lyle Nichols
Shaxi, China | June 2012

This was my classroom every day during my experience in Tibet. Our class on this particular day was based around practicing meditations. We were sitting in silence for hours in these ancient caves, surrounded by huge sculptures of Tibetan Buddhist gods with the walls burnt black from people's offerings.

flying dancer

"Flying Dancer at the Mayor's Thames Festival" by Alexander Spinelli
London, England | November 2012

The Mayor's Thames Festival is an end of summer celebration in London, England, which was held 8-9 September 2012. The festival is designed to promote environmental awareness and community spirit through cultural diversity and creativity and is London’s largest outdoor arts festival, free to the public. The event ended with the Night Carnival Procession, a parade with over 1,500 dancers, costumed masqueraders and drummers, and a firework display on the River Thames.

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