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Category: City Life


Category Winner

"A Via Pozzo e Via Franciosa" by Gina Pandolfo
Italy | January 2012

This is a snapshot that captures the humble elegance within the labyrinth of Sienese streets. This small store, selling not much other than wine, cheese, meat and vegetables, is located near the school I attended and just behind all of the city's action. This is one of the first photos I took while I was there, and still one of my favorites.

wired "Jugamos (We Play)" by Taylor Mills
Peru | April 2013

I watched this family jump rope for a long time that afternoon. Watching them play together touched my heart in a way that I couldn't understand until I returned to the USA. In Peru, it was common for whole families to play games together outside to pass the time. There was so much palpable love in their play that I could observe them for hours. It's a rarity to see this scene in the USA.

wired "Tea at Tate Modern" by Yanbin Zhang
England | September 2013

Three pounds didn't just pay for the tea, but for the magnificent views across the River Thames, looking towards St. Paul's Cathedral, following the Millenium Bridge to the other side.

wired "Park Crossing" by Chris Magyar
England | February 2013

Spend any time in a large city and you'll see a lot of constant, frantic bustling about. From up on Primrose Hill, looking down into London's Regent's Park, you can see the city's park goers and birds zig-zagging around. Some of the best parts of London are its many large, green, open, royal parks, where you can sit back and watch the pulse of the city. It became a place where I could find myself again in the swirling megalopolis around me.

Category: Creative/Artistic


Category Winner

"Basking Sliver" by Kerry Ramsden
France | May 2013

As the sun shines in the window at the Chateau of Bazoches and illuminates the layers of window hanging, the cloth becomes a visual experience. Delicately lit and swept to the side, the inner fabric plays against the rigid structure of the windowsill and frame. The outer curtains block some of the light so as not to let it widly fill the room.

wired "Canal Treasures" by Derick Logan
Denmark | January 2013

While exploring Copenhagen on a crisp winter day, I came across this bicycle laying forgotten in the canals that weave their way thoughout the city. The way it rested precariously on a thin layer of ice against the aged brick retaining wall intrigued me. Whose bike was it, how did it get there, and how much longer before the ice gave way and released the bike into the canal's flow? The resulting photograph read to me more like a painting than a photo with its rustic reds juxtaposed with the blue green water of the canal.

wired "Prayers to Maryam" by Amy Wilson
Turkey | February 2013

These scraps of fabric are left at the House of the Virgin Mary, atop a mountain near Ephesus, by the thousands of international visitors who come to this holy site. The house is sacred for both Christians and Muslims, and they leave these pieces of themselves for her. Often people had writte wishes or prayers in many languages. The scene was both somber and serene as a soft rain misted these prayers tied to the wall of Mary's garden.

Category: Culture Most Distinct from SMC


Category Winner

"Leonardo Da Vinci Art Gallery" by Sarah Fox
Tanzania | Spring 2013

My independent study project brought me to the northern coast of Tanzania, and to the village of Ushango Mtoni. I arrived with a plan to study children's health and healthcare through an understanding of cultural constructions of disease, but I left so much more. For me, this photo captures the juxtaposition of the luxuries we in America consider to be so very commonplace. Here an art gallery constructed just down the beach from the hotel is a labor of love created for the benefit of visitors. It is the owner's hope that the comfort of a familiar sight will draw outsiders into a cultural exchange.

wired "Lotuses of Light" by Kelsi Brett
South Korea | May 2013

Dancers accompany enormous paper lanterns as they travel through the streets of the Gyeonji district in Seoul during the Lotus Lantern Festival parade. The festival is a Buddhist celebration that takes place in weeks before and after the Buddha's birthday. During the weeks leading up to the festivities, colorful paper lanterns are strung along Seoul's sidewalks and temples string them from wall to wall creating beautiful paper lantern roofs.

wired "Preparing the Umu" by Jenn Fortin
Samoa | September 2013

A man pounds cooked breadfruit with a tool fashioned from a raw breadfruit stabbed with sticks. Preparing the umu, or stone oven, takes hours and requires that whole families help in preparing various dishes to be cooked. Foods baked for hours on the warm stones included palusami (taro leaves and coconut cream), taro, octopus, pig, and green bananas.

Category: Landscape


Category Winner

"Low Tide on a Nungwi Beach" by Katie Brady
Tanzania | September 2013

Taken at low tide on a northern beach, this photo depicts beached dhows as well as women and girls of varying ages searching for shells to sell to tourists in their shops.

wired "Desert Moonrise" by Morgan Brown
Argentina | November 2013

Apart from being known as the hottest and driest desert on Earth, the Atacama Desert, located in Northern Chile, is also considered one of the best places in the world to conduct astronomical observations. Unfortunately, the light of a full moon dampened star visibility during our stay. Thus, we had to settle for watching the moon rise over water-covered salt flats and a pair of sister volcanoes, the San Pedro and the San Pablo.

wired "Temple Pond" by David Tetreault
Japan | May 2013

From out of the hustle and bustle of Kyoto, on our first day, we entered the Ryoanji Zen Temple. The lack of crowds and tourists really allowed me to see the pond as a tool for reflection, a central theme in the temple. The simple architectural styles of the boat house and bridge complement and work with the natural scenery, and there was nothing abrasive or unnatural to the eye in sight. With just a simple walk around the temple pond, I wasn't in Kyoto the city anymore, but in a relaxing and meditative environment close to nature.

wired "Beach Daze" by Stephanie Lyons
Australia | September 2013

This photo was taken from a hill overlooking Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands. The crystal clear water swirls between sand which won't make your feet hot, as it doesn't retain heat. A day spent here is never a day wasted.

Category: Nature and the Environment


Category Winner

"Not Your Typical Frog " by Deirdre McNamara
Panama | April 2013

In the rainforests of Central and South America lives the red-eyed tree frog. This nocturnal beauty was exhausted after an eventful evening of research and fell asleep in seconds after climbing upon this leaf. These unique creatures are able to protect their big, bright, red eyes from predators with three layers of eyelids adding up to resemble the stripes of a zebra!

wired "Eyes of Pride" by Michaela Rivers
South Africa | May 2013

Africa has many attractions, but one of the biggest is its wildlife. The lion is one of Africa's big five game animals, which means it is one of the most difficult animals to hunt. This photo illustrates the intensity and true beauty of this powerful African cat.

wired "Pretty as a Peacock" by Courtney Piper
Australia | October 2013

This little guy was strutting his stuff in front of me, extending his feathers to impress me. I loved photographing the bird's beautiful colors and watching the peacock's elegance as he wandered around the Featherdale Park.

Category: Peoples and the Human Spirit


Category Winner/The Barry Krikstone Best of Show Award

"Maria " by Taylor Mills
Peru | April 2013

Her chapped cheeks told the story of the climate. Her braids told the story of her practicality. Her white collar told the story of her schooling. Her smile told the story of her spirit. Her eyes told the story of her strength.

wired "Work of Art" by Beecher Watson
Cuba | January 2014

In the little township of Playa Giron on the south coast of Cuba, children watch as their siblings work with their father, uncles, and grandfather to get this "Old blue girl" up and running. Breaking down, fixing up, and grinding through is a way of life for these colorful people. That's the only way to keep things rolling.

wired "Yusufeli Anne" by Amy Wilson
Turkey | April 2013

Yusufeli, a small town near the Georgian border, will be completely underwater in a few years due to new dam projects in this area in Turkey. On this morning, I woke up early and went for a walk up the hill. The woman in the photo followed me and through broken Turkish I understood that she wanted me to come to her home. There she showed me the outdoor oven where she bakes traditional ekmek (bread) daily. I never learned her name, but in Turkish, "Anne" is the word for mother.

wired "The Argentine Tango" by Elaine Ezerins
Argentina | August 2013

During Tango Week in Buenos Aires, Argentina, people from around the world come to celebrate the music and style of dance and to compete on an international stage where the Argentine Tango originated. This photo was taken the night prior to the World Semi-Finals. Here is the pairing's final position after their intense, passionate dance.

Category: Politics/Peace and Justice


Category Winner

"Solid as a ROK" by Kelsi Brett
South Korea | February 2013

A South Korean soldier stands stone still on the South Korean side of the border separating the Koreas. He stands in Taekwondo stance, his uniform and sunglasses lending to his air of intimidation. The war between the Koreas never officially ended, leading to the creation of a demilitarized zone on either side of the border between the two countries commonly known as the DMZ. At the time this picture was taken, hostilities between the countries had begun to flare up again.

wired "Peace Divided" by Elena Bilodeau
Ireland | March 2013

Towering more than 18-feet high and 3-feet thick, this wall is one of many which divides the Falls Road, a Catholic nationalist area of Belfast, and the Protestant unionist area along the Shankill Road. At night, the gates are locked, refusing to let car or foot traffic past. Tourists come from all over the world to write brightly colored messages encouraging peace between the two groups, but to locals, the only peace the wall provides is peace of mind.

wired "Okupa y Resiste" by Dominic Wood
Italy | October 2013

Displayed on a roof above the city of Barcelona, next to an anarchy symbol, are the words "Okupa y Resiste." The phrase translates to "Occupy and Resist," with the word "occupied" misspelled. The scene can be viewed to represent a lot of the tension in Barcelona from the presence of anarchist groups to certain citizens promoting the separation of Catalonia from Spain.

Category: The Essence of Study Abroad


Category Winner/The People's Choice Award

"Kwa Huru" by Sarah Fox
Tanzania | Spring 2013

"Kwa Huru," my Maasai mama could only say a few Kiswahili phrases, this being her favorite: "Be free." It is some of the best advise I have ever been given. Though we shared almost no language, the afternoons spent in the shade of our boma (home) or under a nearby acacia tree were some of the most instructive moments of my experience abroad. No papers, no books, simply learning through living.

wired "Min Familie" by Derick Logan
Denmark | May 2013

While visiting other countries was certainly a great experience, the time I was able to spend with my host family is what will stick with me forever. From day one, my host parents Claus and Maiken, along with their three children Jonas, Matilde, and Emilie, welcomed me into the family as one of their own. In one semester, I became a big brother for the first time, ate dinner with my family every night, routinely discussed life over Denmark's finest beers with Claus, practiced my Danish and created countless other memories with whom I truly consider to be my second family. This picture was taken in the backyard of our house on a typical Saturday afternoon spent hanging out with my family. In it, the family cat Gizmo looks on as (from left) Jonas, Emilie, and Matilde enjoy some time in the sun while Maiken prepares brunch.

wired "Taliga" by Mickey O'Neill
Samoa | February 2013

I had an opportunity to teach a first-grade classroom in Lotofaga, a rural village in Samoa. Before starting our lesson plan, we watched their teacher, Sepili, show us what they'd been working on recently. The school has very few resources. The students don't have art supplies or desks, but they have plenty of energy and enthusiasm!

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