Rhodes Scholarship

Ronald Begley
Professor of Philosophy and Classics
Saint Edmund's Hall 236
Box 373

Rhodes Scholarships are among the most prestigious of all fellowships for students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. They traditionally support two (but increasingly one or three) years of graduate degree study at Oxford University in England. Thirty-two of the fellowships are awarded each year to Americans, who apply in their home or college state and then advance in competition to one of eight regions of the country, each of which designates four scholars. Most Saint Michael's students would compete either in Region I, which includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont, or in Region II, which includes Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Each successful Rhodes Scholars is expected to be competitive for entry into the handful of best American graduate schools in his/her discipline. Moreover, Scholars must be well-rounded, and that includes having qualities of character which include leadership, high moral commitment and a concern for others. They must also be physical vigorous. In the past this requirement was often measured by success in sport, but now it is defined as possessing the physical fitness needed "to make an effective contribution to the world." Sport is one of the ways in which this vigor can be demonstrated, but "outstanding achievement in organized sports" is not necessary. Some other restrictions apply.

The Rhodes scholarship is a life-changing event which prepares its recipient for the world stage. The Rhodes pays all tuition and living expenses.

Applications are usually due in October of the senior undergraduate year. Preparation should begin in the spring of the junior year.

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