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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some answers? Many questions that students and prospective students pose to Saint Michael’s have to do with our institution in general. Other questions pertain to each individual Graduate Program and the unique characteristics of each discipline. If you have other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us!

Need some help with your bill or your financial aid?

We’re here to help! For questions about your tuition bill or financial aid, contact Student Financial Services.

For billing questions, contact:

Student Financial Services
Tel: 802.654.2553

For financial aid questions, contact:
Student Financial Services

1. Is there a deadline for applying to a program?

The Graduate Programs have a rolling admissions policy. This means that you may apply at any time for entrance to the fall, spring, or summer term. You should allow up to three weeks after all your materials are in to us and your interview is done (if required) to receive an admission decision.

Although we do not have official admissions deadlines, we do offer suggested deadlines for each term, for your convenience. If you miss these suggested deadlines, you may be accepted to the program but not the term you originally requested. Plan to enroll in classes for the term in which you are requesting to enter by adhering to these dates:

Suggested Deadlines
Fall term: July 1

Spring term: December 1

Summer term: April 1

2. Is the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or another graduate examination required for admission?

No, we discontinued the GRE requirement as we found it was not an adequate predictor of academic performance in the programs.

3. Is financial aid available for graduate students?

Yes. Financial aid in the form of loans is available, based on financial need. Our Office of Financial Student Services can help you apply.

Graduate assistantships are also offered to accepted students on a limited basis. If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, please contact your Program Office for details.

4. Can I take classes before I matriculate into the program?

Yes. A person can take up to six graduate credits at Saint Michael’s before applying to become a degree candidate in a program. However, before taking graduate courses, all students must have attained a bachelor’s degree and meet any prerequisites for the course(s).

5. How many graduate credits can I transfer into my program here?

Typically, six to nine graduate credits, accrued not more than five years ago, may be transferred from another accredited institution, provided a grade of “B” or better had been attained. Credits that have been applied to complete a degree are not transferable.

6. What is the placement rate of graduates from your programs?

Nearly 100%!

7. Can I register for a class and send in the Payment Deferment Form from my employer later?

Yes, however, your space in class is not guaranteed until the Deferment Form is received.

8. Can I have access to the library after my class is over?

Unfortunately, no. Your ID card is valid only during the terms you are registered for a class.  If you need library access for thesis work, or, if you need any assistance with your ID card, please contact your Program Office or Liz Jackson at the Knight Card Office for special permission:

Liz Jackson 

9. If a course is closed, can I ask the professor to let me in?

Because of agreements made with professors on class size limits, professors cannot override a closed course.  Special arrangements, if any, should be made only through the program director or advisor.

10. Is there housing for graduate students on campus?

Yes, and no. For US graduate students, on-campus housing is available only during the summer term. Housing for international graduate students is available during all terms, but it can fill up quickly. International graduate students should contact:

Jacqui Samale

US graduate students interested in summer housing should complete the Housing Form and send to the address on the form. You can contact the Housing Office at 802.654.2566 for further details on summer housing.

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