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MATESOL On Campus Program

From Vermont to the World!

Learn to Teach English as a Foreign Language at home or overseas.

Jeanmarie_IvySaint Michael's Master in TESOL program combines theory and practice in a 36-credit program. Students complete the following courses in four semesters on campus (full time):

GSL 500 Foundations of Linguistics

GSL 502 English Grammar

GSL 506 Becoming a TESOL Professional

GSL 542 Introduction to Language Teaching

GSL 543 Teaching of Oral Skills in ESOL

GSL 544 Teaching Reading and Writing in ESOL

GSL 604 Second Language Acquisition

GSL 620 Principles of Testing and Assessment in Language Teaching

graduating grad student

GSL 688 Practicum II: Classroom Teaching

One Elective in GSL

In addition, students will complete either a Portfolio or a Thesis. Courses required for the following options are:

Portfolio: will take the courses listed above plus two additional GSL electives.

Thesis: will take those courses listed above, plus GSL 690 Thesis Research Seminar, and GSL 691 Thesis.


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