Non-Degree Study: Course Descriptions

Experience an American university in beautiful Vermont.


Students of all English levels are welcome. You may study in our undergraduate or language programs. Students stay for periods as short as 8 weeks or as long as one year.

Intensive English Program (IEP)

Topics include Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation. Offered with program are conversation partners, extra-curricular activities, cultural activities, academic advising, volunteer opportunities. Custom-length programs are available for groups.

Academic Prep

This level transitions the student from ESL to academic content classrooms with the following subjects and courses:

  1. An introductory academic content course where students will gain experience studying academic subjects just as they would in a US-American classroom, thus bridging the ESL and academic content classrooms.
  2. The skill-building courses below will directly relate to the content course’s subject matter.

Students have the choice of studying Academic Prep at the Intensive English (IEP) or Academic English (AEP) level. IEP-level Academic Prep offers 6 undergraduate credits, and AEP-level Academic Prep offers 12 undergraduate credits.

Academic English Program (AEP)

AEP 1—14 academic credits

In AEP1, students take three courses in academic English and one undergraduate-level “content” course with non-native and native English-speaking students in the classroom together. The academic English courses support the academic content course.

  1. College Reading & Listening
  2. College Writing & Grammar
  3. Oral Presentation Skills
  4. One undergraduate-level content course. This course is designed and taught by a professor in a specific content area. Native speakers of English and AEP students are in the classroom together. Following the “adjunct” teaching model of content-based instruction, the language courses are designed by experts in Applied Linguistics/TESOL and support the content course for AEP students. Research and experience show that this is an effective way of learning for both groups of students. Content course offerings may include such courses as Intercultural Communication (Applied Linguistics), Management and Ethics (Business), Human Nutrition (Biology), Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Environmental Studies and Sociology/Anthropology).

AEP 2—16 academic credits

Students in AEP2 take two academic content courses and just two courses in advanced English. Upon successful completion, they are ready to enter the undergraduate degree program.

  1. Advanced College Writing
  2. Introduction to Literature
  3. First content course of the student’s choice*
  4. Second content course of the student’s choice*

*Students may take any courses offered at Saint Michael’s as long as they meet the academic requirements.


Undergraduate Level Study

Ugrad1 and Ugrad2

Students entering program at Undergraduate 1 level are required to take Advanced College Writing during first semester and Introduction to Literature during second. Students who complete AEP2 will progress directly to the Undergraduate 2 level, where no language courses are required.

Accelerated Summer College

A six-week, intensive and energizing 8-credit experience. Featuring a blended learning model that combines in-person, professor-led discussions and online learning that adapts to your learning style, this innovative program is a great way to get ahead or catch up in your academic career. All books, course materials, room and board, activities are included in the price. F1 visa holders must have spent two previous semesters at Saint Michael’s College to qualify for this program.

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