For International Students and Scholars

Pathway Program

For students to commence their undergraduate studies while improving their English


Students needing to improve their English may apply for conditional admittance and enter Saint Michael’s Pathway Program. Many will complete their degree in 4-years—which is the same amount of time it takes for native English speakers to complete their undergraduate degree.

Apply here to study in the Pathway Program

Pathway students take English as well as academic content courses depending on their language level. Those who have spent two semesters or longer in the pathway program and transfer to the degree program will enter the undergraduate program as second-year students, or sophomores.

Length of Program


Length of Pathway Program

Total from Arrival Until Graduation

Intensive English

Depends on language level (minimum 3 semesters)

4 years + time in IEP


3 semesters

4 years including one summer

Level 1

1 year (2 semesters, or 8 months)

4 years including on ½ course or summer

Level 2

½ year (1 semester, or 4 months)

4 years


Low or No Test Scores?

No problem. Students with TOEFL/IELTS results below the minimum score, or who have not taken the test, may still apply for conditional admission. They will enroll in the Intensive English Program (IEP) or Academic Bridge level and may transfer into the Academic English and undergraduate programs when their language abilities improve.


Admission Requirements

Students must have completed secondary school prior to arrival with a good academic record. They must also demonstrate language proficiency with a standardized test and our own Academic Writing Assessment (AWA), which they will take upon arrival.


Program & Level

Test Score Minimum


Academic Performance

Intensive English Levels 1-5

Not required

Not required

Completion of secondary school, good academic record


52 / 5.5 (470 PbT)


Good academic record in IEP or previous Academic level

Academic English 1 (AEP1)

61 / 5.5 (500 PbT)


Academic English 2 (AEP2)

71 / 6.0 (530 PbT)


Matriculation into Undergraduate Program

100 / 7.5 (600 PbT) or Successful completion of AEP2

Not required

Successful completion of AEP2

Accelerated Summer College (ASC)


Not required

Must have successfully completed two academic semesters at SMC in Academic English program


Campus Life

Students experience Saint Michael’s College as full-fledged university students with access to all university facilities, including the library, technology, and fitness areas. They are welcomed in all university clubs and activities that are available to undergraduate students, and are housed on campus among international and US-American students.

Accommodations are typically in one of St. Mike’s premium residences—Cashman Hall—which houses our “GEAR” Program (Global Experience Academic Residential). GEAR is home to about 60 US-American and 60 international students, living in single rooms within suites of 4 or 8 students. US-American students must apply for the privilege of living in GEAR and demonstrate they are committed to connecting with international students. In most years about twice as many US American students apply for GEAR as are accepted.



Pathway students who matriculate into the undergraduate program are eligible to receive scholarships valued at between $5,000 and $15,000/year, which are renewed each year that the student remains in good academic standing.

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