Earn a Bachelor's Degree

Saint Michael's College is a competitive 4-year university with 36 majors of study, including fields in STEM, Social Studies, the Humanities, and professional areas like Business Administration, TESOL, pre-Law and Pre-Med.  


After graduation about 85% of our students find a job and begin their career, and 15% percent decide to continue their education in a Master’s or Doctoral program.

Internships and Work Experience

Students obtain internships and valuable work experience with all kinds of employers. The office of Career Services helps international students identify and receive suitable internships, and, following F-visa programs, to explore opportunities for Optional Practical Training.

A Comprehensive Education (Liberal Arts)

Students not only attain a deep understanding of their major field of study, but also a broad knowledge of the world’s critical fields. With a liberal arts education, skills taught in every class regardless of subject are those demanded by the world’s employers: critical thinking, writing, communication, problem solving, analysis and synthesis of knowledge from across subjects, etc.

Student Life Experience

Students have many opportunities to enhance their academic education through a variety of challenges. Research, clubs and activities, service learning trips, study abroad, leadership and independent study. We’re a residential college, which means that almost all of our international students are guaranteed housing on-campus.