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Winooski Park

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS), launched in Fall 2014, is excited to help international and overseas alumni stay connected to Saint Michael's and each other through a bi-monthly e-newsletter. This one-page newsletter will link readers to alumni updates, the successes of our current students both in and out of the classroom, as well as campus events and developments. In addition, the OISS would be delighted to share your news with the SMC community and other international and overseas alumni. Please forward your professional or personal updates to Melissa Holzman, International Student Advisor. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Winooski Park - September/October 2018

Featuring: Dr. D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, Daniel Mulhall, Weiguo Yu, Fr. Theophile Aubin

Winooski Park - July/August 2018

Featuring: President Lorraine Sterritt, Dr. Jeffrey Trumbower, Dr. Karen Talentino, Rob Robinson, The Society of Saint Edmund, Very Rev. Stephen Hornat, Bert Lain, Julien Giroux-Harvey, Dr. Jack Neuhauser.

Winooski Park - May/June 2018

Featuring: Luong Ung, Michael Ready, Pedro de Mendonca Candido Pereira, Alain Achinda, Saad Alharbi, Bruno Beca, Thomas Boullier, Adrian Diaz, Meggane Grand, Mathias Grimsrud, Xinwei Huang, Tianyi Lao, John Tony Linderson, Chao Pan, Andrea Rodriguez Trochez, Xiaowen Wu, Bohan Xu, and Mengqi Yu.

Winooski Park - March/April 2018

Featuring: Zaida Ugalde, Danny Duffy, Meggane Grande, Anna Willassen, Guillaume Grand, Nic Hermary, Noah Muller, Thomas Flack, Bruno Beca, and Alvi Rodriguez.

The Knightly News - January/February 2018

Featuring: Dr. Lorraine Sterritt, Adrián Díaz, Iuliia Fakhrutdinova, Mohamed Alsaffar, Aram Ahmed, and Atheer Hasak Al-Mayyahi.  

The Knightly News - November/December 2017

Featuring: Kaylen Gómez, Patricia Romero, Isis Alvarez, Magali Gutiérrez, Richard Gamache, Fr. Marcel Rainville, Bernard Achinda, Andres Rivas, Jeffrey Trumbower.

The Knightly News - September/October 2017

Featuring: Dinorah Callejas, Marcos Cervantes, Tomilayo Akinpetide, and Zixuan Dong.

The Knightly News - July/August 2017

Featuring: Mirta Alvarez, Carlos Vila Burguete, Patti Delaney, Alain Achinda, and Terryl Kinder.

The Knightly News - May/June 2017

Featuring: Sergio A. Castillo, Saad Alharbi, Thomas Boullier, Ekaterina Krasikova, Alaa Alnajjar, Xingyu Chen, Titapa Chinijkarn, Wei Guo, Sen Cao, Hua Fang, Weihan B. Luo, Yucheng Mou, Xuechen Wen, Lingbo Wu, and Tianren Zhou.

The Knightly News - March/April 2017

Featuring: Masaki Oda, Kathleen Saville, Guillaume Grand, Mathias Grimsrud, Anna Willassen, Meggane Grand, Emilia Laffin, Pedro Victor de Mendonca Candido Pereira, Arun Ghandi, Colman Titus Msoka, and Elizabeth O'Dowd.

The Knightly News - January/February 2017

Featuring: Jamila Headley, Ryota Ishisaka, Johann Cedeno Mohamed, Meggane Grand, Guillaume Grand, Torjus Grimsrud, and Maria Rania Liu Goncalves.








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