A New Admission Policy for Students with International Baccalaureate Credit

By: Kevin Spensley and Michael Stefanowicz

In recognition of the International Baccalaureate’s value, its mission, and preparation that IB students receive for university study and life beyond, Saint Michael’s College has worked with International Baccalaureate organization to develop a suitable admission policy.

The policy will have a significant impact on student's likelihood of admission, transfer credits, standardized test waivers, and consideration for the Honors Program. Additional information is available here.

  • Students who expect to complete the IB Diploma program, or who complete individual IB courses are strongly encouraged to apply to Saint Michael’s College, will receive special recognition during admission and scholarship decisions, and are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • TOEFL/IELTS requirements are waived for IB diploma holders and students who achieve of score of 4 or higher in two or more HL or SL courses that are not in a foreign language.
  • IB Diploma students will receive merit scholarships of $15,000/year or more depending on their score. Scholarships are automatically renewed each year that the student remains in good academic standing.
  • For Career Program and course students, scores in IB courses of 4 or higher will have a positive impact on scholarship awards.
  • Students who complete the IB Diploma Program are eligible to receive up to 32 credits at Saint Michael’s College, which is equivalent to one full year of study, or sophomore status.
  • Career Program and course students are also eligible to receive advanced standing and/or credit, which may be awarded for HL or SL courses with grades of 5 or higher.
  • IB graduates will receive special consideration for membership in the Saint Michael’s College Honors Program. The program entitles its members to take specially designed classes and live in housing set aside for Honors students.

The policy affects students who arrived on campus in Fall 2017 and afterwards.

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