International and Overseas Alumni

Stay engaged with the SMC community after completing your program.

The international and overseas alumni of Saint Michael’s College represent the breadth of our academic programs. This alumni network, rooted in a shared experience on our campus in northwest Vermont, reaches across the globe. Whether you bolstered your English-language skills in the Intensive English Program, enrolled in the Academic English Program as a stepping stone into an undergraduate or graduate program, or graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, we hope you will find this site accessible and informative. Welcome!


Saint Michael’s students have a variety of ways to make a global connection. More than 100 study abroad programs allow students to study overseas for a summer, a semester, or a full academic year. With more than one third of students participating in one of these programs, an SMC connection may be closer than you think! Click here to read reflections from current students who studied internationally.

In addition, faculty-led study trips offer short-term excursions during the winter or summer recesses. Study sites include Canada, Cuba, England, France, Guyana, and Palestine and Israel. Read more about winter break experiences here.

The College’s Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts (MOVE) Office, part of the Edmundite Campus Ministry, offers students opportunities for service work abroad. During these extended service trips students work with communities in Kolkata, India or San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic.

Prospective students have an opportunity to connect with our International Admission staff during their travels throughout Europe, China, Kenya and Canada. If you’d like to connect with one of the admission staff, please review their current travel schedules included in Winooski Park (formerly The Knightly News), a bi-monthly e-newsletter for international and overseas Saint Michael’s alumni.

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) is excited to help international and overseas alumni stay connected to Saint Michael’s and each other through our e-newsletter. This one-page newsletter will link readers to alumni updates, the successes of our current students both in and out of the classroom, as well as campus events and developments. In addition, the OISS would be delighted to share your news with the SMC community and other international and overseas alumni. Please forward your professional or personal updates to Lisa Lagerquist at We look forward to hearing from you!

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Winooski Park – May/June 2019

Featuring: Sixiang Chen, Hayley Craddock, Guillaume Grand, Torjus Grimsrud, Maojie He, Shuaining Hou, Tendai Andrew John, Jiayi Li, Tao Lin, Clara Lopez i Costa, Yixuan Sun, Yuran Tian, Claudio Wingartz Otaduy, Mingjun Yang, Weiguo Yu, Fengting Zheng, Aram Ahmed, Atheer Al-Mayyahi, Mohamed Alsaffar, Neera B.K., Qian Dong, Iuliia Fakhrutdinova, Wenssy Nussy, Andrew Thompson, Erina Tsubota, and Mutahar Al-Murtadha.

Winooski Park – March/April 2019

Featuring: Kazuko Tanimichi, Jeremy Mikaelson, Hazel Kieu, Qian “Lucy” Dong, Guillaume Grand, Colby Jordan, Emilia Laffin, Anna Willassen, Ben Throm, and Kokugakuin University.

Winooski Park – January/February 2019

Featuring: Maria Rania Goncalves, President Lorraine Sterritt, Michele Sende Nzimbou, Nicolas Hermary, Guillaume Grand, Torjus Grimsrud, Constantin Krogh, Emilia Laffin, Clara Lopez i Costa, and Anna Willassen.

Winooski Park – November/December 2018

Featuring: Professor Lorrie Smith, President Lorraine Sterritt

Winooski Park – September/October 2018

Featuring: Dr. D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, Daniel Mulhall, Weiguo Yu, Fr. Theophile Aubin

Winooski Park – July/August 2018

Featuring: President Lorraine Sterritt, Dr. Jeffrey Trumbower, Dr. Karen Talentino, Rob Robinson, The Society of Saint Edmund, Very Rev. Stephen Hornat, Bert Lain, Julien Giroux-Harvey, Dr. Jack Neuhauser.

Winooski Park – May/June 2018

Featuring: Luong Ung, Michael Ready, Pedro de Mendonca Candido Pereira, Alain Achinda, Saad Alharbi, Bruno Beca, Thomas Boullier, Adrian Diaz, Meggane Grand, Mathias Grimsrud, Xinwei Huang, Tianyi Lao, John Tony Linderson, Chao Pan, Andrea Rodriguez Trochez, Xiaowen Wu, Bohan Xu, and Mengqi Yu.

Winooski Park – March/April 2018

Featuring: Zaida Ugalde, Danny Duffy, Meggane Grande, Anna Willassen, Guillaume Grand, Nic Hermary, Noah Muller, Thomas Flack, Bruno Beca, and Alvi Rodriguez.

The Knightly News – January/February 2018

Featuring: Dr. Lorraine Sterritt, Adrián Díaz, Iuliia Fakhrutdinova, Mohamed Alsaffar, Aram Ahmed, and Atheer Hasak Al-Mayyahi.

The Knightly News – November/December 2017

Featuring: Kaylen Gómez, Patricia Romero, Isis Alvarez, Magali Gutiérrez, Richard Gamache, Fr. Marcel Rainville, Bernard Achinda, Andres Rivas, Jeffrey Trumbower.

The Knightly News – September/October 2017

Featuring: Dinorah Callejas, Marcos Cervantes, Tomilayo Akinpetide, and Zixuan Dong.

The Knightly News – July/August 2017

Featuring: Mirta Alvarez, Carlos Vila Burguete, Patti Delaney, Alain Achinda, and Terryl Kinder.

The Knightly News – May/June 2017

Featuring: Sergio A. Castillo, Saad Alharbi, Thomas Boullier, Ekaterina Krasikova, Alaa Alnajjar, Xingyu Chen, Titapa Chinijkarn, Wei Guo, Sen Cao, Hua Fang, Weihan B. Luo, Yucheng Mou, Xuechen Wen, Lingbo Wu, and Tianren Zhou.

The Knightly News – March/April 2017

Featuring: Masaki Oda, Kathleen Saville, Guillaume Grand, Mathias Grimsrud, Anna Willassen, Meggane Grand, Emilia Laffin, Pedro Victor de Mendonca Candido Pereira, Arun Ghandi, Colman Titus Msoka, and Elizabeth O’Dowd.

The Knightly News – January/February 2017

Featuring: Jamila Headley, Ryota Ishisaka, Johann Cedeno Mohamed, Meggane Grand, Guillaume Grand, Torjus Grimsrud, and Maria Rania Liu Goncalves.

Below are offices and departments that international and overseas alumni may need to contact after completing their programs. For a full list of campus offices, click here.

Alumni Office

  • Information about reunion, upcoming events, and more.

Bergeron Wellness Center

  • Health and immunization records

Campus Store

Information Technology

  • Assistance with accessing SMC email account

Office for International Students and Scholars

  • Previously issued Form I-20 or DS-2019

Registrar’s Office

  • Transcript request (former AEP, undergraduate and graduate students)
  • Replacement diploma
  • Verification letter
  • Apostille