Saint Michael’s proudly associates itself with universities, college, secondary schools, and organizations from around the world. Some of our partnerships have endured for years.

Our partnerships include the following types of organizations


Gimnasio Vermont has been ranked in the first places among 12,659 schools in the country. Our school is deeply thankful to Saint Michael’s College for the partnership we have developed for more than 20 years. Within this time, we have had the opportunity to work with Saint Michael’s faculty members who helped us in designing the Bilingual Program that was the starting point for the curriculum changes that have led us to our success. This relies a great deal, on the excellent faculty members we have. Many of them, including myself, studied at SMC in the MATESOL program. The quality of Professors who guided our studies had a profound impact on our culture of teaching, and furthermore our community benefitted from the enriching exposure to fellow classmates from all over the world. Our relationship was strengthened when our school became a practicum site for the MATESOL interns and with our students’ annual Summer Program at Saint Michael’s.

Clara Elsa Galvis S
Gimnasio Vermont

I learned a great deal from the MATESOL program at Saint Michael’s College (SMC) which has influenced my teaching and my teaching philosophy here at International College of Technology (ICT) as well as to keep a strong connection between ICT and SMC. For more than 20 years, ICT has hosted Teaching Practicum students, hired many SMC graduates as EFL teachers and sent our students to SMC for summer study abroad programs. One of the reasons why ICT has relied on the SMC MATESOL program is the quality and excellence of these teachers whom we have hired. We plan to continue to hire people from the SMC MATESOL in the future.

Mamoru Mukai
Vice President
International College of Technology