Recruitment Agencies

The organizations listed below are trusted recruitment partners of Saint Michael's College. Students and families are encouraged to reach out to them directly for assistance. Feel free to contact the Admission Office with any questions or issues.


Chiway Education International 中锐国际教育

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
First Admitted Student 2009

Chiway has worked with more than 15,000 students since 1999 throughout the world for placement in boarding schools, colleges and universities.


CIBO Overseas Education 西博海外教育

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
First Admitted Student 2017
Wechat: ciboedu    Telephone: +86 18001978895

CIBO Overseas Education was established in 2012. It is composed of professional counselors and teachers with rich experiences in the international education industry. CIBO is committed to providing students with high-end overseas study consulting services. We are convinced that every student is unique and talented, and our mission is to help students become the best of themselves.


Kenya and East Africa

American Higher Education Consulting, Ltd.

Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya        
First Admitted Student 2013

“American Higher Education Consulting Limited (AHEC) is a full-service education consulting company in Nairobi, Kenya. We assist students through the entire university search process, from applying for admission to preparing you for the visa interview.”


Huatong Xinnuo Int'l Cultural Exchange Center Limited (IAE China)

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
First admitted student: 2012

Worldwide IAE overseas office will provide Huatong students with local homestay arrangement, the airport, passport/visa extension, life guidance, and quick transfer to assist the whole process, choice of employment, immigration is dealt with in the future consultation, as well as between students and their parents to provide 24-hour emergency contact and other services, solve the maximum countries study in parents’ worries.

华通留学(iae China)作为 Iae 全球教育网络的重要组成部分,是 iae Global 在中国的缩影。所有华通留 学的学生都将享受 iae Global 全球化的教育服务。世界范围内的 iae 海外办公室将向华通学生提供当地住宿 家庭的安排、机场迎接、护照/签证延期、全程生活指导、迅捷的转学协助、日后就业选择、移民办理咨 询、以及学生和家长间的提供全天候紧急联络等服务,最大限度解决各国留学家长们的后顾之忧。


Beijing Prospect Education and Technology Co., Ltd 北京上新教育科技有限公司

Headquarters: Beijing, China
First admitted student: 2018
Prospect is one of our newest partners based in Beijing
Telephone: +8610 62561780

To be involved as good corporate citizens while assisting students with their international education, Beijing Prospect Education and Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing all the comprehensive and professional consulting services with honesty, respect, and vitality.



A.N.Z. International Education

Headquarters: Pereira, Colombia
First admitted student: 2016
Contact     Whatsapp: +57 3196021604

“Comprometidos con ofrecerte una asesoría completa, sincera y descomplicada basada en nuestra experiencia y el mejor deseo de contribuir con opciones de estudio valiosas para tu futuro…. Para llegar donde quieres !!”


Spiral International

Headquarters: Burlington, Vermont
First admitted student: 2014
Spiral representatives have visited our campus!

“SPIRAL International’s mission is to promote cross cultural learning, understanding and relationships through international student exchanges.”


A&A International Education

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
First admitted student: 2009

Trusted by the clients to help them make one of the most critical decisions in their youth life.  We are passionate about our profession.


International Academy-Sinchon 신촌국제유학원

Headquarters: Seoul, Korea
First admitted student: 2013

“Where a possibility becomes reality!     좋은 학교를 잘 아는 유학원!”


Blue Ocean Group

Headquarters: Hanoi, Vietnam
Partnership Established: 2018

“Blue Ocean Education Group has always been committed to excellence and professionalism in our educational services. Blue Ocean teams act at all times in the best interests of students and partner institutions, maintaining the services with integrity and appropriateness for the highest success.”

Kosovo and Albania

Focus & I School for Foreign Languages and Informatics

Headquarters: Prishtina, Kosovo
First admitted student: 2016
Email     Telephone and WhatsApp: +38649519717

I am really thankful for giving our school the chance to cooperate with Saint Michael’s College. And I really look forward that this cooperation will go for years since is the best university that we have known till now.


Trinity Scholar

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
First admitted student: 2015

We take your dreams to higher heights. SAT/ACT/AP Tutoring and high school, undergrad, graduate school application.



Headquarters: London, UK
First applied student: 2018
Website     Contact

Studee makes it simple to find, apply and enroll at Universities abroad


Gamja Uhak 감자유학

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea         Operation: Korea
First applied student: 2010
Website     Contact

(주)매경IC는 1992년 2월 한양학원 설립을 시작으로 빠르게 변화하는 정보지식의 교육사업에서 빠르고 튼튼한 성장을 하고 있으며,

고시서적 전문 출판사부터, E-Learning까지 사업영역을 꾸준히 넓히고 있습니다. 감자유학은 (주)매경IC의 유학연수 전문 브랜드로서 대한민국 국내 교육뿐만 아니라 글로벌 시대에 발맞추어, 인재 양성을 하고자 설립된 (주)매경IC의 해외연수 및 유학 사업 분야입니다. 국내 교육 사업은 물로 글로벌 교육사업까지 (주)매경IC의 사업영역은 감자유학과 함께 계속 성장할 것입니다

Saudi Arabia

Sindibad Holidays Co. شركة عطلات السندباد

Headquarters: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
First applicant: 2015
Contact     Mobile/WhatsApp +966534175570

Sindibad is a well established study abroad agency with 4 offices in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, and Medina)

سندباد شركة متخصصة فى مساعدة الراغبين فى الدراسة بالخارج من خلال 4 فروع بالمملكة العربية السعودية (الرياض ، جدة ، الخبر، المدينة)