Independent Counselors

The organizations listed below work on behalf of students and families to identify the best possible education for their clients wherever that may be. Students and families are encouraged to reach out to them directly for assistance. Each of these organizations have visited our campus.


Japan Study Abroad Foundation 日本スタディ・アブロード・ファンデーション

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
First student enrolled: 1986

“The Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF) focuses on non-degree study abroad programs and university placement. JSAF also provides IELTS official test in Japan with a partnership with IDP: IELTS Australia.

JSAFは日本の大学生向け海外協定大学への学部留学・語学留学を行っています。またJSAFはIDP: IELTS Australiaの認定のもと日本国内でのIELTS公式テストを実施しています。詳細はこちら


Versan Educational Services

Headquarters: Kingston, Jamaica
First admitted student: 2016

“The student’s initiative paves the path to success.”


Sakae Institute of Study Abroad 栄陽子留学研究所

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan         Operation: Japan
First admitted student: 2017

“Since its founding in 1972, Sakae Institute has been specializing in U.S. education, especially liberal arts colleges, assisting degree-seeking Japanese students to find the best school that fits their educational needs, and providing preparation programs so that our students can successfully graduate from U.S. colleges and universities.”