Undergraduate Academics for International Students

We are a liberal arts university, which means students are intellectually stimulated and inspired by a variety of disciplines in addition to their major field of study. We believe in flexibility so that you can pursue a second major or multiple minors. Students are prepared not only for their first job, but for an employment marketplace that is constantly evolving.

Professional and academic outcomes

After university

85% Employment 14% Graduate school 9% Part-time employment 9% Volunteer

Build knowledge for the world


You will get essential experience that will strengthen your resume and graduate school applications. Plus, you'll be paid.

On campus and off

Student Work Opportunities

Have an internship, work on campus, work in the summer and after your program.

The Soul of Saint Michael's College: What makes us unique

Saint Michael’s College believes that the world requires people equipped to do well and driven to do good. The most complex problems humanity faces will be solved by well-educated, well prepared individuals who are motivated by more than personal success and wish to contribute to something larger than themselves.

By honing skills, knowledge, and experience, we gain the confidence necessary to make a real impact. By combining the academic studies and career preparation received at Saint Michael’s College together with our values of peace, justice, and service, our graduates are ready to truly uplift the human condition.

That’s what it means to do well and do good. To live successful lives of purpose and consequence.

CronogueHall621We are entirely residential, which means that all of our students live on campus all four years. This helps ensure there is a vibrant engaged campus with activities, clubs, and events seven days a week. Students may live in apartments, townhouses, suites, and traditional dormitories.

Burlington is the ideal place to attend university. Burlington is a beautiful small city located between Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. The size ensures that everything is within reach–from meaningful internships and job opportunities to working on restoring ecosystems, to outdoor adventure. We are close to Montreal, Canada and Boston, Massachusetts.

As the only Edmundite university in the world, we dedicate ourselves to creating a more just world. And we welcome everyone who wants to do the same. Students learn to put values into action at St. Mike’s and participate meaningfully in their community.

We are welcoming to every faith background, and identity. We believe in teaching students how to put their values in action, which is how we help our students learn to participate meaningfully in their communities. As a Catholic institution, we seek out the big questions and more importantly uphold the freedom to continue questioning. And we are not afraid of where our research leads us.