English Language Programs

Learn English at Saint Michael's College

In today’s vastly connected global community, the acquisition of English language can be one of the most useful endeavors for speakers of other languages. Saint Michael’s has a long and distinguished history not only of teaching English as a second language, but also of training to others to be teachers of English language classes. Our approach is rigorous yet very supportive, offering students in either program world-class instruction and a commitment to each student’s success.

Saint Michael’s offers two programs for students, the Intensive English Program, which aims to help students improve their English skills, and the Academic English Program, which looks to put students on a pathway to continued education while enhancing their English skills.

Academic English Program

Start on a pathway to the undergraduate program while improving your English skills and earning university credit.

Intensive English Program

Improve your English skills in a university setting with dedicated professors in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

Pathway Program

Begin your university career while improving your English skills with Saint Michael's Pathway Program.

Summer Programs

Take the summer to learn English as a group or individual student.

History of the English-Language Instruction

In 1954, our Applied Linguistics Department was founded when Hungarian students arrived to study English at Saint Michael’s College. Since then, more than 20,000 students from over 120 countries have studied English on our campus.