Academic English Program

The Academic English Program (AEP) is the key component of the Pathway Program at Saint Michael’s College. It can also serve as a stand-alone program for students wishing to improve their English.

AEP students take both academic English and academic-content courses, and receive university credit in each of the levels they complete. Upon completion of two levels, students have enough credits to be considered second-year university students, or “sophomores.”

Students who complete the AEP and transfer into the Bachelor’s degree program at Saint Michael’s College will receive a minimum scholarship of $8,000/year or more. All undergraduate scholarships are renewed automatically each year for students in good academic standing.

Students may enter the program at any level and may skip levels depending on their progress. Students who score below the minimum score on their language test will start in the Intensive English Program and transfer to the AEP when they are ready. Each level may be completed in one semester. Sessions are available throughout the year, including most summers.

Available Programs

In AEP1, students take three courses in academic English and one undergraduate-level “content” course with non-native and native English-speaking students in the classroom together. The academic English courses support the academic content course.

  1. College Reading and Writing
  2. Advanced Grammar for Writing
  3. Academic Oral Communication Skills
  4. One undergraduate-level content course. This course is designed and taught by a professor in a specific content area. Native speakers of English and AEP students are in the classroom together.

Students in AEP2 take two academic content courses and just two courses in advanced English. Upon successful completion, they are ready to enter the undergraduate degree program.

  1. Advanced College Writing
  2. Introduction to Literature
  3. First content course of the student’s choice*
  4. Second content course of the student’s choice*

*Students may take any courses offered at Saint Michael’s as long as they meet the academic requirements.

Do you want to study at Saint Michael’s College but need to improve your English? Saint Michael’s offer a Pathway Program which helps students begin their university study while working on their language skills.

Students needing to improve their English may apply for conditional admittance and enter Saint Michael’s Pathway Program. Many will complete their degree in 4-years—which is the same amount of time it takes for native English speakers to complete their undergraduate degree.

Pathway students take English as well as academic content courses depending on their language level. Those who have spent two semesters or longer in the pathway program and transfer to the degree program will enter the undergraduate program as second-year students, or sophomores.

Learn more about the Pathway Program.

SemesterSpring 2020Fall 2020Spring 2021
ArrivalJanuary 11August 18January 12
OrientationJanuary 12August 19January 13
Classes StartJanuary 13August 26January 14
Last ExamMay 6December 12May 7
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Room & Board$6,615$6,940$6,940