Business Learning Outcomes

The Saint Michael’s College Department of Business Administration and Accounting advances the mission of the College by preparing students for their careers while providing a foundation for lifelong learning.

Our majors in Business Administration and Accounting prepare students to make decisions, communicate, and collaborate in a range of organizations through the integration of business and the liberal arts. Our professional and diverse faculty is committed to student learning and development.

Business Administration and Accounting majors will learn to:

  1. Act ethically and professionally to uphold organizations’ positive role in society;
  2. Work, collaborate, and lead in diverse teams and organizations;
  3. Apply written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills and use information technology effectively;
  4. Analyze organizational context, strategy, operations, processes, and performance;
  5. Synthesize and evaluate data to support factual and ethical decision-making in a dynamic global economy;
  6. Combine liberal arts and business studies to define problems and propose solutions; and
  7. Initiate and advance self-learning, career planning, and personal development.