Liberal Studies Curriculum Transition Plan

The Saint Michael’s Faculty and Board of Trustees have adopted a new general education curriculum that will apply to those students who enter the college in the fall of 2018. This new curriculum is called the Core Curriculum. There is substantial overlap with the previous Liberal Studies Curriculum (LSC), and the college has formulated a transition plan for current students that should provide them with a seamless path toward graduation on time. Students who enrolled prior to 2018 will retain the LSC graduation requirements they currently have, including the option to “drop one,” but many of the categories will expand to include new courses that will also serve the categories in the new core curriculum. Students will have no new requirements, and once a student has fulfilled a category, it remains fulfilled forever.

Transition Chart

  • You must complete the requirements for your LSC, including the 2nd language requirement for both BA and BS students.
  • You will still be allowed to drop one LSC requirement (excluding First-Year Seminar, the first semester of a second language, and 100-level RS and PH). New students who begin at SMC in fall, 2018 will not have this option.
  • In addition to courses designated for the LSC, there will also be courses from the new core curriculum that can fulfill one of your requirements (see below).
  • Courses in the catalog and KnightVision may have two designations, one from your LSC and one from the new core curriculum. Any course that has either designation will be able to count toward your requirements.


LSC Requirements


New core curriculum courses that satisfy the LSC Requirement

First-Year Seminar

Christian Traditions/RS100s

Philosophical Questions/PH103

Quantitative Reasoning

Scientific Reasoning

4 each

No Change

Second Language


No change; can be satisfied with AP, SAT2, or language placement test

Upper Level Religious Studies/Philosophy


Any course designated “Catholic Intellectual Tradition”

Artistic Experience

At least 2

Any course designated “Arts and Literature”

Global Issues


Any course designated “Engaging Diverse Identities”

Historical Studies


Any course designated “History & Society”

Literary Studies


Any course designated “Arts and Literature”

Social & Institutional Dimensions


Any course designated “History & Society”