Degree in Three

Reach your academic goals sooner.

At Saint Michael’s College, your ambition and motivation can mean earning a degree up to a year faster! You can save significantly and get into your chosen career or graduate/professional school a full year ahead of schedule. With Degree in Three, students in some of our most popular majors can take advantage of accelerated sessions, online courses and personalized academic advising to complete their studies early and still have the extraordinary St. Mike’s experience. You won’t miss anything – you’ll experience it all.

There is nothing you need to do at this point other than apply to Saint Michael’s College. You will receive more information and an invitation to explore additional pathways to your degree after you receive your acceptance decision.

Need more reasons than starting your career sooner and saving significant money?

Students who apply to Degree in Three also are eligible for:

  • Priority course registration – you can be sure to have access to those courses you need to stay on track.
  • Priority academic advising – because the program is rigorous, you will receive personalized advising that takes into account your particular college track, ensuring you get all that you need and want of your education at St. Mike’s.

Interested? Apply now now or contact with any questions.

Accelerate your studies through our Accelerated Summer College

Students pursuing a three-year degree take advantage of our Accelerated Summer College (ASC), where you can earn up to 16 credits a summer. Learn more about ASC’s online and hybrid course offerings.

Important Note:
There is no guarantee that students will graduate in three years. Students must pass required courses with the required grades. Pursuing a degree at an accelerated pace is not for everyone. Your academic advisor will work closely with you to balance your goals with the best possible academic outcomes.