Business in Three

The Business Administration program here at Saint Michael’s is grounded in ethical and data-driven decision making, all while teaching you the functional areas of business including accounting, finance, management and marketing. Now, with our Degree in Three program, you can learn everything you need to succeed in just three years. You can save significantly and enter into your chosen career faster and still gain an experience that emphasizes the nature, function and social role of business.

Students in the Business Administration program will complete both foundation and core courses, but will also get an opportunity to participate in internships, experiential courses and electives. All of this will be guided by one-on-one interaction with faculty, who will help you to get the best out of the Business Administration program.

Here is an example of what a schedule would look like in order for you to graduate with a Business Administration degree in three years; individual paths may vary:

Degree In Three    
First Year
1st Fall 1st Spring 1st Summer
BU 103 – Managerial Ethics AC 143 – Managerial Accounting BU 214 – Management
EC 101 – Macroeconomics MA 120 – Statistics Arts & Literature LSC
First Year Seminar Analysis elective Elective
PH 103 – Philosophy LSC History & Society LSC Elective
Second Year
2nd Fall 2nd Spring 2nd Summer
BU 215 – Marketing BU 216 – Business Finance BU 498 – Internship
Science LSC Perspectives elective Elective
Religious Studies LSC Minor 2 Elective
Minor 1 Elective Elective
Third Year
3rd Fall 3rd Spring
BU 218 – Analytics in Operations BU 361 – Business Strategy
Junior Seminar Minor 4  
Minor 3 Minor 5  
Elective Elective