Sociology in Three

Students in the Sociology and Anthropology major at Saint Michael’s College gain an understanding of society and culture through work inside the classroom and out. With Degree in Three, you can conduct work in the real world – ghettos, workplaces, soup kitchens, hospitals, corporations, stadiums, homes and more – all while earning your diploma in three years.

Learning to understand the complexities of society will be paired with one-on-one advising from faculty, who are experts in everything from slavery and religion to gender and development.

Here is an example of what a schedule could look like in order for you to graduate with a Sociology track degree in three years; individual paths may vary:

Degree in Three    
First Year
1st Fall 1st Spring 1st Summer
AN 109 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology AN/SO Elective I PH 103 – Introduction to Philosophy
SO 101 – Introduction to Sociology MA 120 – Statistics Arts & Literature LSC
Foreign Language I Foreign Language II Elective
First Year Seminar Elective Elective
Second Year
2nd Fall 2nd Spring 2nd Summer
SO 209 – Research Methods of Sociology AN/SO Elective III Science LSC
AN/SO Elective II Elective Elective
Religious Studies LSC Elective Elective
Elective Elective Elective
Third Year
3rd Fall 3rd Spring  
SO 301 – Foundations of Sociological Theories AN/SO Elective IV
SO 331 – Capstone: Sociology of Work, Education and Vocation Elective
Junior Seminar Elective
Elective Elective