Professor Timothy Whiteford receives top math educator award from Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England

By: Buff Lindau

Prof. Whiteford gets top math educator award in New England

Mary Calder, president of the Vermont Council of Teachers of Mathematics, one of the six organizations comprising ATMNE, presenting Timothy Whiteford of Richmond with the Balomenos award.

Every year the honor of giving the Balomenos Lecture at the annual mathematics conference goes to a mathematics educator from New England in remembrance of a mathematics educator who died tragically in 1986. The award of being named to give the annual Richard H. Balomenos Memorial Award lecture is given to one mathematics educator selected from the colleges and universities in New England.

The opportunity to give the Balomenos Award lecture for 2013 was awarded to Saint Michael's College education professor Timothy Whiteford who gave the lecture Friday, Oct. 25, at the annual conference of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England (ATMNE), a consortium of regions from the six New England states. The conference was held this year in Killington, VT. 

Professor Whiteford's lecture was titled Maths: The Science of Pattern and the Art of Making Sense. The professor chosen annually by the ATMNE is to be "a speaker who offers the type of strong and possibly controversial points of view that spark us to think carefully about the improvement of mathematics education."

"The talk focused on the need to make sure that all students, including those with special needs and those who are English language learners, can make sense of the math they are learning," Professor Whiteford said.  As part of the lecture, he gave a slide show of the display of elaborate patterns made of pennies that has been created all along the hallway outside his office in Saint Edmund's Hall at Saint Michael's College. This showed how patterns can help make sense in mathematics teaching, he said. 

Tim Whiteford and his wife Lucie reside in Richmond, VT.

Selecting the speaker for the annual lecture

According to the ATMNE website, a committee consisting of the ATMNE President, the ATMNE President-Elect or the Past President, and the Conference Chair will submit two names to the ATMNE Board at the ATMNE Board spring meeting for consideration. A vote by the ATMNE Board will determine the lecturer for that upcoming conference.

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