Hands-on learning is back in business

Friday afternoon in Pomerleau Alumni Center’s big room, Saint Michael’s business students brought their best start-up ideas to the 16th Annual Enterprise Competition, and entrepreneur Peter Worrell ’79, a founder and ongoing supporter of the event, shared wisdom.

The winners were a team called “The Woof Pack” – Lisa McCormick, Aubrey Ouellet and Casey Snyder -- with a plan for a kennel and dog park operation, complete with a late appearance during their presentation by an actual dog; second and third respectively went to the groups “Adventure Endeavors,” a proposal to start a mountain-bike facility in Oregon offering guided tours and lodging, and “Synergy,” a consultancy to help dentists manage their practices more efficiently.

Early the next morning on Saturday in Jeanmarie Hall, Associate Business Professor Brosh Teucher introduced teams of business students -- all impressively attired in business-formal ensembles -- who had organized business logistics for a series of on-campus and off-campus events this year, putting skills learned in Teucher's class to practical use.

Student-led organizations making their 2014-15 Annual Reports for the Symposium on this morning were: the group "Made it in Vermont.Com, a website started several years ago by Teucher's students that subsequent classes have kept alive; the SMC Business Society, and "SMC Business Enterprises."

Different teams described successfully pulling off: a Magic Hat Day Event with a raffle at a local pub; an April Business Fashion Show in McCarthy Arts Center with a speaker on “Passion in the Workplace” along with several challenges met that included recruiting and rehearsing models and contracting for ice cream and music; and, an event at Petra Cliffs, a local indoor climbing facility, that drew 74 students.

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