When will the ELC be opening again?
The ELC will follow the guidance of Vermont’s Governor and Saint Michael’s College as to when to re-open. It is possible that this will happen in phases, rather than all at once, there may be specific restrictions on group size and number of people allowed in one room that were not in place before. We will share any information and plans as we learn about it.

How long with the stabilization grant support the ELC?
My understanding is that the people administrating the Stabilization program believe they have enough funding for 12 weeks

How will I know what by tuition is each month?
Laurie Savage will send out an invoice listing tuition and payments (including the stabilization program) at the beginning of each month. The stabilization payments come after the period that it pays for and for two weeks at a time. Our tuition is billed at the beginning of the month for each month so it doesn’t match the way the stabilization payments will come in. If you have said that you will pay 50%, please send a payment for 50% of what you normally pay.

Where do I send my payment?
To Laurie Savage, Saint Michael’s College, 1 Winooski Park, Box 274, Colchester, Vermont 05439

We chose to unenroll our child. When can we put them on the waitlist?
You can put them back on the waiting list immediately. Please note that the stabilization program requires me to contact people on the waiting list to offer them a space immediately to fill open spaces (they would have to pay 50% tuition right away to enroll their child and ensure the space for when we reopen).

How do we put our unenrolled child back on the waiting list for the ELC?
The waiting list application is on our web page

How much Act 166 funding can I expect for the remainder of the year?
The total of Act 166 funds for the school year (September – June) is $3,356 (for 2019-20). Most school districts (our only exception is Hardwick) are sending a final payment of $671.16 by May 1. These payments are listed on your invoice from Laurie Savage.

If I have questions about Kindergarten, who should I contact?
To register your child for Kindergarten please contact your school district, many are doing this online at this time. If you have questions about your child’s development, the Rainbow teachers will be happy to talk individually about your child’s strengths and skills.

Who do I contact about registering my 3 year old for Act 166 funding?
Please contact the school district where you live. Most can do this online.

Will I see an ELC tuition increase this year?
No, Saint Michael’s College has decided to keep the ELC tuition rates the same through December 31, 2020. There is likely to be an increase January 1, information will be shared as soon as it is available.