Media, Journalism & Digital Arts

Student presenting at Symposium 2016Late Wednesday afternoon in Dion Family Student Center's Roy Event Room, Senior Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts majors displayed and explained their culminating projects - from documentary films to books and websites. They covered a wide range of topics, to put it mildly. Just a few examples: the effects of eugenics and the myth of designer babies; cybersecurity; virtual reality and therapy; recycling; smart cars and robotics; and the politicization of dogs across cultures.

Presentations included:


Claire Cavanaugh, ’17: Playcheck: Navigating Work and Leisure in the Modern Hobby-Job Kylian Cyr, ’17: Ghost Town: The Effects of Seasonal Tourism on the Host Community
Lindsey Garland, ’17: The Art of the Ride: Exploring Board Sports Graphics
Olivia Halevy, ’17, Marisa Gehrig, ’17: TMI: An Exploration of Parents Oversharing in the Digital Age
Madeline Hughes, ’17: ¿Uno o Dos? Dual Language in the American Classroom
Alanna Moriarty, ’17: A Life Worth Living: Analyzing the Effects of Eugenics on Modern Gene Editing and the Myth of Designer Babies
Karianne Shetter, ’17: Clickbaited: We’re All Caught on the Same Hook
Kayce Venezia, ’17: No One is Safe: Cybersecurity and the Fight against Cyberthreats
Maggie Mae Whittemore, ’17: Different Ways of Pushing Daisies: The Cost of Funerals and How Other Cultures Celebrate Life


Alex Boghossian, ’17: Tuning Technology: The Evolution of Music Instruction in the Digital Age
Claire M. Fogarty, ’17, Shandon D. Kelleher, ’17: Misdirection: GPS Systems and Their Impact on Society, Relationships, and Spatial Thinking
Traynor Gauthier, ’17: Helping Beyond Reality: How Virtual Reality is Changing the Game of Therapy
Maddy Hansen, ’17, Kim MacPhail, ’17: The New Apple in the Classroom: A Study of the Digital Landscape in Schools
Julia Hughes, ’17, Ariana Pena, ’17: Underrepresented Overseas: Analyzing Discrepancies in Access to Study Abroad for Minority Students
Torin LaLiberte, ’17: Her Race: Steep Climbs Facing Female Endurance Athletes
Rob Litchfield, ’17: Through the Cracks: A Look at Our Nation’s Crumbling Road Infrastructure
Natalie Moore, ’17: Kinship Kids: Understanding Children Raised by Non-Parent Relatives
Justin Pagan, ’17: Filmed Straight: An Analysis of LGBTQA+ Representation in American Media
Adam Sandler, ’17: LD Pro World: An Exploration of Learning Differences in the Workplace
Nolan Villeneuve, ’17: Beyond the Cycle: Recycling’s Many Forms


Kelsey Bode, ’17, Alyssa Kibbee, ’17: Mag-a-Morphasis: Transformation, Branding & and the Future of the Magazine Industry
Séamus Cahalane, ’17, Patricia Gerbis, ’17, Braden Kerwin, ’17: Solo-Living - The Rising Trend of Single-Person Households in America
Alyson Campbell, ’17, Seth Boudreau, ’17: Unmanned!?: Smart Cars, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence All Around - How Much Automation is Too Much?
Luke Diehl, ’17, Rachel Kucharski, ’17: allEyesOn(you): Private Data Collection and Analysis in 21st Century
Yucheng "Vincent" Mou, ’17: Universal Students of America: International Students and Higher Education in the United States
Parker Thomas, ’17, Haley Clark, ’17: Dogonomics: The Politicization of Dogs Across Cultures



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