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Media, Journalism & Digital Arts

Student presenting at Symposium 2016On Wednesday, April 24, from 4 to 6 p.m. in Dion Family Student Center's Roy Event Room, Senior Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts majors will display and explain their culminating projects - from documentary films to books and websites. They cover a wide range of topics, to put it mildly. Just a few examples: the impacts of video game live streaming, the environmental impact of thrift shopping, fantasy sports and the benefits of bringing dogs to work. 

Presentations include:


Brandon Bielinski, ’19: Disruption in Higher Education an Analysis on the Sustainability of Higher Education as We Know It
Noah Braun, ’19: Caught in the Stream: The Impacts of Video Game Live Streaming on its Audience
Sixiang Chen, ’19: The Ninth Art: Live Streaming Camera - Lives in China
Jack Donahue, ’19, Katie Farrell, ’19, Garrett Finn, ’19: Carved Up: Breaking Down the Impact of Tourism on Ski Towns
Matthew Doyle, ’19, Matthew Fournaris, ’19, Aaron Kalat, ’19: COMMERCIAL WILD: Where Do You Draw the Line Between Commercial & Wild?
Sarah Iandoli, ’19, Elizabeth Stapleton, ’19, Mike Savoie, ’19: Once Upon A Thread: Discussing Social Trends,  Environmental Impacts and Financial Factors Surrounding Thrift Shopping and Fast Fashion
Natalie Jackson, ’19, Shannon Kelley, ’19: Barking Benefits: An Analysis of the Benefits Working Dogs Bring to the  Northeast Region of the United States
Alicia Lee, ’19: Playing through Education: Using Video Games in the Classroom 
Eva Wilton, ’19: Modern Nomads: American Millennial Life on Wheels


McKelvey Ayres, ’19: The Beginners Field Guide to Skincare
Lily Bonadies, ’19: Learn to the Beat of Your Own Drum
Jack Caron, ’19: The Scene: The Underground Music Community of Burlington, Vermont
Sara Haney, ’19: No Time for Feelings: A Look into the Mental Health of Veterans During and Post Service
Elisabeth O’Donnell, ’19: Women’s Work: Questioning Gender Roles in Separate Spheres
Lance Reynolds, ’19, Nathan Terry, ’19: The Multi-Dimensional World of Fantasy Sports
Alaina Marilyn Shelzi, ’19: All Shall Know the Wonder: A Look at Disability Representation in Theater from 1900-2019
Jessica Ward, ’19: Growing Pains: Growing Up Female in the Digital Age

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