Erin Buckley

Class of 2017 

Erin is a rising senior, environmental science major and peace and justice minor from Haddam, CT. This summer she credits luck for her opportunity to be working full time at the permaculture site.  She states that it is truly a blessing to be able to spend days down there in the sun and with the plants. During the last school year, Erin was a work-study student for the Office of Sustainability, and helped create the crop plan for this growing season. As a MOVE Core Team leader for Outdoor Volunteer Efforts, she was also able to lead groups of volunteers down to the garden every week in the fall and spring.  These groups created the field plots, built the raised beds, and helped in the construction of the hoop house. Throughout all of this hard work creating the site, Erin appreciates the way in which our site is benefitting our community. Erin finds that growing food for the students and staff at St. Michael's, and donating the rest to families who cannot afford to regularly buy fresh, healthy produce, has been rewarding in a multitude of ways. The connections between the health of the land and the health of our bodies is very prevalent in this permaculture site - being able to care for the garden and in turn being able to feed herself and individuals in the community provides a very clear and wonderful relationship with the food that she grows. In the future, Erin is interested in pursuing a career that combines elements of outdoor education and teaching sustainable agriculture practices with populations who are especially vulnerable, including low income communities, prison programs, and urban neighborhoods. Erin’s favorite plant down at our permaculture site is the sunflower, and her favorite vegetable right now is a tie between the kale and potato (with peppers as a runner up). Erin hopes that the future of the permaculture site holds visits from more people of our communities – professors with their classes, friends with their peers, or just visitors who want to roam around and explore. 

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