Jessica Reid

Class of 2017 

This is Jess’ second season working as a Saint Mike's garden crew member, and is a pleased to be back working on a bigger, more involved growing site with a permaculture mission. She is a rising senior majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Classics, with heavy interest in how food systems are integrated in communities across cultures. Last year, Jess watched the permaculture site materialize from an idea to the beginnings of a foundation: the 2015 garden crew laid down markers for fence, tilled, picked up trash on site, and even did a bit of experimental planting. Jess then left to study abroad in Nepal for a semester, missing Fall harvests and site development. When Spring came, she couldn't wait to get back into the dirt and help move the permaculture site forward. It was a busy Spring, and many hands were involved in building the hoop house, constructing beds, and early planting. In the few slow moments at the garden, she loves looking around and reflecting on how much has changed on that piece of land, how many students were able to benefit from the work, and how much it may develop in the future. The summer has been one project after the next, and sharing the job with Erin has been busy and fun. As summer employees in the garden, Jess and Erin have not just improved their gardening and gotten a bit dirty; they have worked together to improve their problem-solving and planning skills. Jess looks forward to the beginning of the school year, when students are back to work on and enjoy the site. She hopes to see the garden quickly become well-integrated with the rest of the campus and be a place for all different groups of students, staff, and faculty. Jess’ favorite crops in the garden are beets and potatoes.  Potatoes are the most fun to harvest! 

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