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Open Garden
The garden is open to all campus members during daylight hours Monday through Friday.  However, it is crucial to the success of the crops and the safety of visitors that the garden be tended by experienced gardeners when visitors or volunteers access the site.  If you’d like to access the garden during hours not listed below, please contact Kristyn at

Summer 2018 Hours
Monday 9:00-2:00
Tuesday 9:00-2:00
Wednesday 9:00-2:00

Work Study
The Garden Program participates in the campus work study program.  Work study students are trained in the garden’s agricultural and food safety practices by the Academic Program Coordinator.  These students grow into leadership positions with opportunities to lead their peers and community members in garden projects.  

Work study students: 

  • staff the garden during open garden hours,
  • preform garden maintenance, 
  • lead the harvest, wash and pack process,
  • prepare for Salad Days,
  • staff the Farm Stand,
  • update social media and marketing opportunities,
  • assist in crop planning, and
  • collect harvest, sale and donation data.

Work Study students participate in a comprehensive application and interview process.  This process mirrors that of a job interview post-graduation and includes a “working interview” during which the student works alongside current garden staff and the Academic Program Coordinator.  This interview is an opportunity to display work ethic, follow through, attention to detail, willingness to learn, comradery and one’s interest in the skills needed to successfully run a small-scale organically managed and ecological farm.  It is truly a “real-life” job opportunity on campus.

If you are interested in applying for a work study position or looking to transfer your current position to the Garden Program, please contact Kristyn at




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