Global Experience Academic Residential Program (GEAR)

This residential initiative recognizes that international immersion and global awareness are indispensable for a 21st century education and provides a unique opportunity for students to experience life as a Global citizen. GEAR emphasizes personal relationships, linguistic, cultural, global immersion, and networking opportunities with peers from around the globe. It is a space where our students, staff, and faculty interested in being in an international environment where cross-national and intercultural exchanges take place can come to form a strong scholarly and social community.

GEAR allows students to live globally. Located in Cashman Hall, one of our new suite complexes, the Global Experience Academic Residential Program serve as a focal point on campus for students to immerse in an international world, dialogue about global issues with peers, and live with people from around the world. As one student put it, it is indeed being immersed in a purposefully designed international environment and experiencing the world without leaving campus. Due to the high demand of GEAR, students are eligible to apply to the program at the end of their first year. In order for their application to be competitive, we encourage first year students to be involved in international programming during their first year on campus, prior to submitting their application.

 The goals of GEAR are to…

  • Provide American and international students with an opportunity to live together in a living and learning laboratory that combines both active and passive learning
  • Expose students to global, cross-national and cross-cultural exchanges and engage them in cross-cultural and cross-national dialogue
  • Strengthen Saint Michael’s goals to provide all of our students with global perspectives, understanding, and connections
  • Prepare students to be successful in a world that is Global and diverse
  • Enhance students cultural competence and international awareness
  • Prepare students to engage professionally with confidence in a globally interconnected world
  • Provide students from different cultures and nations with opportunities to establish lasting and meaningful friendships
  • Organize social and educational programs, and activities which foster international understanding by encouraging interactions between peers from other nations, cultures, religions, and worldviews
  • Create the physical space and opportunity for students to reflect on the role they can play as global citizens

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