Saint Michael's College Magazine, Fall/Winter 2018

In our Fall/Winter 2018 issue of the Saint Michael’s College Magazine, we look at the arrival of President Lorraine Sterritt and reflection on innovative new paths Saint Michael's is taking in admissions, student life and alumni relations. 

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She's Everywhere: Follow President Sterritt on social media

Carlos Vega: Road Warrior (page 12) 

Magic 101; Jeremy Mikaelson '19 (page 14)

Patrick Standen - Philosophy, Innovation and Determination (page 16)

Learning How to Change the World (page 30) 

Saint Michael's New Outdoor Classroom by the Winooski River (page 32) 

Not Your Grandmother's Radio Station (page 36)

The Emeritus College (page 44)

SMC Connects (page 50)

Father Cray: Branding Tradition (page 52)

Message from Alumni Board President Craig Duffy '06 (page 53)

Professor James Case, In Memoriam. By Mark E. Meaney, Ph.D.

President Sterritt's Inauguration Speech (back cover)

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