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Award Process

Congratulations... your grant proposal is funded. You now enter into the Post Award process for implementing your grant. Your process begins with the OFFICIAL award notification from the funding source. Responsibilities for supporting the administration of grants and contracts are divided between the Finance Office and the Foundation Relations and Sponsored Programs Office.

Implementation of the project begins with the OFFICIAL GRANT AWARD NOTICE AND CONTRACT. The official document should go to the Accounting and Budget Office with a copy to the Foundation Relations and Sponsored Programs Office. This document will outline the official policies and procedures we must adhere to during the course of the grant along with reporting requirements and policies on pre-award spending if applicable. No spending can occur without this document.

Saint Michael's Guide for Managing Grants

Angela Irvine

Director of Sponsored Programs and Foundation Relations

  • Handles all Internal Processes
  • Submit Project Profile
  • Contact for All Sub-awards
  • Responsible for all Program reporting and Facilities logistics

The Accounting and Budget Office provides you with all financial information on your grant award. They complete documentation for billing, quarterly reports and approvals for all purchases using grant funds.

The Foundation Relations and Sponsored Programs Office will assist you with facts, data and other information required for reporting.

Other offices on campus that can provide you with information and data:

The responsible and ethical conduct of research (RCR) is critical for excellence, as well as public trust, in science spanning all disciplines. Consequently, education in RCR is considered essential in the preparation of future scientists, researchers and educators. As a liberal arts institution, engaging students in experiential learning crosses disciplines and therefore is not limited to one specific department or research program. It is our belief that all students engaged in mentored scientific research must understand the implications of ethical standards and research conduct prior to engaging in research activities.

All students engaged in research in the field of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, neuroscience, physics or psychology are required to complete the RCR training requirements. Any student, regardless of discipline, that receives NSF or NIH funding for their work, must complete the training requirement.

History of Policy

Beginning on January 4, 2010, all Saint Michael's College undergraduate and graduate students participating in paid research or receiving academic credit for research began participating in training in the responsible conduct of research. At a minimum, students were required to complete one of the free courses offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

Beginning on May 1, 2011, the option of a different online training program was made available to student researchers. The two modules offered through the Responsible Conduct in Research website were made available as another means of completing the requirement for training in RCR.

Principle Investigator/Faculty Mentor Responsibility

Principle Investigators are required to determine which of the options their students must complete (CITI or RCR web-based) and consistently apply those expectations across all students working with the PI over the life of the grant. For research that began before May 1, 2011, PIs have the option to use the new modules through RCR if appropriate.

Saint Michael's College Policies and Instructions
National Science Foundation RCR Requirements
National Institutes of Health RCR Requirements

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