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Funding for research/scholarship/curriculum that is directly provided by the College is managed internally. Please consult the Faculty Development Committee for details and deadlines.

Internship Fellowship Opportunities

Saint Michael's College has put together a table containing all of the common fellowship programs that have been applied for. This will help the reader locate a potential fellowship program. The reader will be better equipped to then do more in-depth research. You will also see that after the table you find links to Residential Fellowships as well as links to Fellowship opportunities in Specific Fields. The links that have been compiled are just some of the many Fellowship opportunities that can be applied for at Saint Michael’s College.

Program Eligible Fields Type of Support Amount / Duration Deadline / Notification
Humanities Advanced Research opportunities for Faculty and Students Around $4200.00 a month maximum Around 50,000.00 per year May 1st and December 1st
Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships
Humanities and Social Sciences Advanced Research Opportunities for Assistant Faculty Around $64,000.00, including $2500.00 for travel and research expenses Duration of 9 months Around Late September and February
Guggenheim Foundation
All Areas of Study Opportunities for advanced research in any area of study Around an average of $36,000.00 Duration of 6-12 months September 15th and April 15th
Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Social Sciences Collaborative Research on specified topics pertaining to Social Sciences Ranges between $1.00 - $50,000.00 Duration of about 2 years Deadline Varies dependent on the specific fellowship opportunity applied for
ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies)
Humanities and Social Sciences Advanced research opportunities including Junior Faculty. Fellowship Opportunities in Area Studies Ranges between $35,000.00 – and $60,000.00 Last between 6-12 months Late September and middle of March
Ford Postdoctoral Fellowships for Minorities
All Area of Study Research conducted by new faculty in fields that currently are historically underrepresented Around a $40,000.00 stipend, Also includes travel and Research allowance Last 1 year November and April depending on the fellowship that is applied for
American Philosophical Society
Sabbatical Fellowships
Humanities and Social Sciences Allows for a supplement of a sabbatical leave Ranges between $30,000.00 - $40,000.00 Yearly Basis October and usually around the Spring time

Residential Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowship Opportunities in Specific Fields

In an attempt to help the students and faculty with researching various grant opportunities, the staff of Saint Michael’s College has assembled a table of basic information of the most common funding sources. We created the table to aid both students and faculty members begin the difficult task of finding a potential funding source. If you need any additional help please contact Angela Irvine (Ex 2351).

Organization and Program Fields of Study able to Apply to the Funding Purpose of Funding Amount of Funding and Duration of the Funding Funding deadlines and notifications
National Science Foundation
Sciences and Social Sciences Funding for Research Projects and Educational Grants Between $50,000- and $500,000 ranging from 1-5 years Dependent on specific grants, Deadlines may vary
National Institutes of Health
Sciences and Social Sciences Research on human health and the outcomes of human health Awards Average around $300,000 with a 1-3 year duration of funding Deadlines Varies dependent on the specific funding opportunity applied for
Department of Energy
Sciences and Social Sciences Research pertaining to the progress of all forms of energy Average awards range from $150,000 - $1,000,000, Duration of funding varies Deadline Varies dependent on the specific funding opportunity applied for
Social Science Research Council
Social Sciences Shared research projects on specified topics Awards can range from $1.00 – $50.000 and last up to 2 years Deadline Varies dependent on the specific funding opportunity applied for
American Council of Learned Societies
Humanities and Social Sciences Research in specified fields of Area Studies Travel and stipends can last up to a year Usually around October and March (subject to change)
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Cottrell College Science Awards
Science Research in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy involving undergraduates Usually around $35,000 Summer funding Varies dependent on which grant is applied for, usually summer months
American Philosophical Society
Franklin Research Grants
All Areas of Study (Science, Social Science, Humanities) Funds research projects in all areas and disciplines Average funding is between $1,000 – $6,000 dollars on a 1 year contract October 1st/ January December 1st/ March
United States Institute of Peace
Unsolicited Grants
Social Sciences Research towards International Peace Average funding ranges between $50,000 - $100,000 Lasts about 1-2 years October 1st/ April
International Research Exchanges Board
Humanities and Social Sciences Research on European and Asian studies abroad Stipend which includes travel Lasts up to 1 year Deadline Varies dependent on the specific funding opportunity applied for
Fulbright Scholar Program
All Disciples and Areas of study Lecturing and Research that is conducted abroad Stipend which includes travel Ranges from 2 months to an academic year August 1st/ March
Vermont Genetics Network Biology/Psychology Research and student research $25,000 to $75,000 Usually in January
VT EPSCoR Science/Social Science Student research projects $5,000 Contact grants office for information

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