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Mikenet, the Campus Network

accounts and email

Mikenet delivers high-speed Internet access. With a Mikenet account, students have access to their college email, the mySMC portal, and network storage space and printing from virtually anywhere on campus. Mobile and gaming devices can be registered on the campus network for high speed internet access.

Through your Mikenet account, you will have access to various academic courseware programs without having to purchase your own copy. A Mikenet account is also necessary to use the college-owned computer labs, and to access some library resources.

Employees: Mikenet accounts are created automatically for all faculty, staff, and students. Students generally receive their login information in a mailing from our Admissions Office, while faculty and staff are contacted directly by the Helpdesk after their employment paperwork is finalized with our HR department. 

Students: Saint Michael's provides email access for all students via the mySMC portal or via the web at The email address for students is Each email account may be set up to work with a mobile device as well as through an Internet browser.

Community Connections, mySMC

The college portal, mySMC, is the gateway to Saint Michael's digital campus. Through the portal and your Mikenet login, you will have access to email, a link to KnightVision, Canvas, and the library's online catalog and databases, as well as campus announcements and events of interest, links to the academic calendar, and campus services and resources. Announcements and events for student clubs and activities are regularly posted on mySMC and in the daily digest.


Your email account is accessible directly through the portal. Just sign on with your Mikenet username and password and click the email link. Both your Mikenet account and your campus email account are ready for you to use right now, and the email account will remain yours for life ( All students are expected to use their college email account on a regular basis to ensure that they receive important campus communications. (Official campus email will always be sent with "Office of ____" in the Sender field.)

Employees: Faculty and staff are provided with Microsoft Outlook email accounts. Employees may access their email accounts via the Internet from or through the mySMC portal. The email address for faculty and staff is The username and password for email are the same as for the Mikenet account.

Students: Saint Michael's provides email access for all students via the mySMC portal or via the web at The email address for students is Each email account may  be set up to work with a mobile device as well as through an Internet browser.  Before setting up your mobile device with email access, you'll need to register it on the campus network.  Directions for doing may be found at the Registration page.


KnightVision is a web-based application used primarily for on-line registration for classes. In addition, it also provides a number of administrative functions for faculty and staff.

Employees: Faculty use KnightVision to view information about their advisees and to see their class rosters and course offerings. Staff members may access KnightVision to review budget information and personal leave plans.

Students: KnightVision provides students with real-time information about their class schedules, their grades and their standing in relation to degree requirements. Students can use KnightVision to look up schedules of class offerings and, during defined registration periods, to register for classes.

KnightVision accounts are automatically created for all undergraduate students and matriculated graduate students. Students may access KnightVision through the mySMC portal. The KnightVision login ID and password are the same as the Mikenet login ID and password.


Employees: Ellucian (Datatel) is the software used by the college for administrative purposes. Employees who need login accounts to access Ellucian (Datatel) must complete the Ellucian (Datatel) Account Request Form (found in the mySMC portal) and return it to the Information Technology Department (Box C) for processing.

When an account is created, the new user will be given access to the Ellucian (Datatel) login process through a web interface. For help with Ellucian (Datatel), contact the IT Helpdesk (x2020) or email and your request will be routed accordingly.

Password Help

Users may reset their Mikenet passwords through the React system. Please contact the or call 802.654.2020 for assistance if needed.

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