Information Technology


Faculty and Staff Email

Saint Michael's College provides an email mailbox for all faculty and staff through our Microsoft Exchange server. All email and attachments are scanned for viruses (both inbound and outbound) and potential spam. In order to protect campus equipment, as well as personal computers, from virus attacks, users are strongly encouraged to use their Saint Michael's email account exclusively.

Our on-campus email client is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is installed on all College-owned computers. Users can access email by clicking on the Microsoft Office Outlook icon on the desktop. The email address for faculty and staff is The username and password for email are the same as for Mikenet.

Email is also available on the web through Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) at

Spam Filtering

The College uses an appliance called Barracuda Spam Firewall to filter incoming email for spam. Over 90% of all incoming email is blocked by Barracuda. Suspected spam is quarantined. Email messages will be checked by Barracuda when they arrive and directed to your mailbox or to a quarantined area, based on a spam score value. You will receive a daily Spam Quarantine Summary email containing a list of all messages Barracuda has quarantined, for you, for that day. The list presented in the email will allow you to manage your quarantined messages and determine what you want to classify as spam.

Student Email

Saint Michael's College provides email for all students via the web at The email address for students is Student email accounts do not expire after graduation and are yours to keep as long as you wish. 

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